My God, it's full of K's! What the RED announcement means for the industry

Image credit: Benni Diez at forums For the last couple weeks, Jim Jannard of RED Camera has been teasing everybody on the REDuser forums with vague promises and outrageous claims of revolu

The Red EPIC strides from the mists of time

This, my friends, is a camera. Jim Janard over at Red has begun telling the world about his new modular camera system with its Mysterium-X sensor. There are a few upgrade paths for those who already o

RED announcement at 9AM Eastern time tomorrow

There’s a fun and functional countdown over at that suggests, if I am not mistaken, that the new RED products will be revealed at 9AM tomorrow on the East Coast — 6AM my time, grea

Another RED tease – ports spied

Another taste. You may be getting tired of these little peeks, but I think they’re just dandy. Looks like a couple XLR ports (labeled “Push” probably because they’re inset and

Another piece of the RED puzzle

What the deuce is it? They’re speculating wildly at the Reduser forum; some think it’s an combination rail/battery/control pack for the Scarlet (it says “Scarlet” around the &#

Enticing teaser renders of RED's newest creation

Oh my… I don’t know what it is at all! The big RED announcement is in two weeks and Jannard got a little too excited and posted some mysterious renders. He also says, in the same ebullient

New REDs coming Nov 13th: "No one has any idea how incredible this announcement will be"

Call it hype or call it confidence, but RED has lived up to the hype and they’ve got a lot to be confident about. Here’s what RED Head Jim Jannard said in a recent Reduser forum post: &#82

RED trademarking "Red 3D" RE lenses, projectors, eyeglasses, etc

Could this be part of the change that Jannard mentioned when he revealed the Epic and Scarlet were getting rebooted? A ScarletUser forum post by one Joseph says: …within the last 24 hours, Red h

One guy's experience shooting on RED

You know, to be honest, I could probably get a less fluffy account of shooting on a RED ONE from my friend Mike, who has been shooting on RED for quite a long time now. But he can’t write, and I

Scarlet and RED Epic getting total reboot

What the hell?! I think Jim Jannard took some peyote at Photokina and brought his laptop. He’s posted on the forums saying everything’s going pineapples for Scarlet and RED Epic. We have c

RED announces DSLR-killer: the DSMC

It doesn’t have a catchy name yet (Crimson?) but RED is now officially taking aim at Canon, Nikon, and everyone else in the DSLR arena. In a forum post, Jim Jannard announced the Digital Still a

RED looking to crush the DSLR market?

Looks like it, according to CEO Jimbo. What RED does is a little over my head, but I know they do some crazy RAW compression and shoot in 5K, Epic, or something ridiculous like that. It’s superd

Wired finally goes all out on the RED

I have to say, the Wired I used to love would have covered the RED camera about two years ago when it was all buzz, phantom tech, and prototype sensors, and not now when it is essentially an establish

RED files infringement lawsuit against LG for "Scarlet" usage

When I heard about LG’s “Scarlet” line of HDTVs and its misleading ad campaign, the first thing I thought of was the real Scarlet and then “Is RED going to sue these mothers or

T-Mo drops the Curve in "Sunset"

To you and me, this is red. To T-Mobile this is “sunset.” Regardless, everyone’s favorite BlackBerry and the one I recommend the most when folks ask me which BB to get is now in brig

Rumor: RED iPhone on the way for the holidays?

The rumor of a (RED) iPhone 3G has been coming and going since for a while now – before the phone had even been made official, even. The rumor died for a while after launch, but alas – it&

Red iPhone for XMas?

Rumors have been propagating through several popular Mac blogs that Apple will be releasing a red iPhone 3G model for the holiday season. The release will be well-timed, considering the initial iPhone

Hot new render of RED's Scarlet!

So pretty. So chunky. And it’ll fit in the palm of your hand. That’s the lens on the left, where the focus ring will be; the cutaway right at right is either aperture or zoom, most likely

Japanese scienticians develop 4k sensor for ultra-hi-def TV

We’ve discussed the Red One camera and its counterparts before, and the 4K ultra-hi-def cinema they represent, but now Japan’s getting in on the action. NHK’s Science and Technical R

Red Zune 80 trickling into retail stores

Something called the Microsoft Zune 80 (wasn’t that an ABA team, the New Orleans Zune?) was released in the color red a few months ago, but you had to purchase it from the Zune Originals online
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