• A Quick Look At the 21st Century 3D Dual Red 3D Rig

    Walking among the cars this weekend in Monterey I spotted an odd rig with two Red cameras attached to something that looked like a range hood. It turns out it was a 3D camera set-up from 21st Century 3D and records full HD at various depths and in a package that rides on a dolly. Read More

  • RED Shows Off First Working Scarlet

    Independent digital cinema company RED has dropped a bombshell in the usual way, by a random post on the forums. This time it is a working Scarlet, a device teased a year and a half ago and given no timeline. It’s been a favorite target for RED naysayers, but the shot at right shows it in essentially its final form, with 8X fixed zoom in place, touchscreen and inputs all… Read More

  • RED releases modular storage unit with many interfaces

    If you’re shooting in 4K (or higher), you chew through a lot of storage. The cheapest way to store stuff is on naked drives bought in bulk, but you can’t always trust the $30 eSATA stations you can get on Brando or whatever. RED is putting out their own version, which of course is all black, evil-looking ridged metal. It’s also got a unique modular setup and a ton of interfaces. Read More

  • Dr. Dre fights AIDS. At least $5 at a time.

    New set of headphones coming at you today. Well, not really new, but certainly more globally minded headphones. The Beats line from Dr. Dre is being bolstered with a special RED edition of the Solo HDs. Read More

  • RED Scarlet gets specs and release window

    The RED Scarlet, if you don’t know, is a compact professional camera being released by RED as a more portable alternative to the more full-featured modular system that’s been brewing for so long. Key word here is professional! Many are under the impression that this is their consumer offering, but RED is not a consumer-oriented company. The Scarlet may be cheaper and more compact… Read More

  • RED updates its lineup, throws a bone to current RED owners

    A relatively large announcement went live earlier today from RED, which as you’ll remember, made big promises for digital cinema a while ago — with equally big (and vague) timeframes. Today was a minor solidification of those timeframes, but many RED users were expecting solid shipping dates, and those didn’t happen. Instead, a change in strategy was announced, and a few… Read More

  • Canon trash-talking RED? Oh no they di'int

    There’s an unconfirmed, unsourced rumor going around of a translated informal conversation with someone who may or may not work in a relevant part of Canon. The rumor states that Canon is confident in its own ability to compete with RED and that they’re “not afraid.” And there isn’t reason to be afraid, at least for products like the 7D. RED’s promise of… Read More

  • Behind the scenes at a RED-powered, heli-mounted music video shoot

    I recently had the pleasure of helping out on a music video shoot here in the northwest, noteworthy not just because a great video resulted, but because we were shooting with two RED One cameras and a custom RC helicopter for aerial shots. It was interesting being behind the scenes and I thought I’d share a little of the fun. The video itself, for Mt St Helens Vietnam Band’s… Read More

  • Comparing a Red One, 5D mk II and Panasonic GH1: highly illogical

    We posted this earlier this morning, but I want to weigh in since this is up my alley. I’m not entirely sure why people continue to compare the Red to consumer cameras. I mean, the price difference alone puts them in different categories, not to mention the format, resolution, and gear suite. Yet constantly I see people making comparisons like this one, and I can’t for the life of… Read More

  • Interview: James Weatherson, Red Inflight Entertainment Engineer on Virgin America

    A few weeks back I hopped onto my first Virgin America flight with Aircell’s Gogo service on-board. It wasn’t the first time I’ve reviewed Gogo and if you recall I was on the first commercial Gogo flight with American Air. The plan was to interview James Weatherson, Virgin America’s inflight entertainment engineer, while I was up in the air, but there was a scheduling… Read More

  • First images from RED's Scarlet

    The “budget” option from RED’s enormous modular lineup has finally spit out an actual moving image for all of us to see (autoplaying video, let it run through once). The 2/3″ sensor is far smaller than the original RED camera, but it looks like that doesn’t present a problem; the shot above was a 100mm prime at T5.6. Image quality and contrast look great. Now… Read More

  • New RED pics and renders

    The always-active forums over at have coughed up another batch of RED camera setups over the last week or so, so of course we had to share them with you. The silver color is a tryout thing, but the shipped components will likely be black. There’s a lot of discussion and it’s difficult to tell what’s new, but you can see that as promised, the range of configurations… Read More

  • Yes, Virginia, there is a red Xbox 360 on the way

    Rumor smashed! Wait, no, the other one… confirmed. Sorry! Anyhow, Microsoft has inadvertently (?) revealed the existence of the red Xbox 360 that we mentioned the other day. It’s an Elite, and it will be exclusive to EB Games. Well, that’s what’s going to happen in New Zealand; what happens in god old USA, who knows. Read More

  • Vista Ultimate (RED) available Dec 15th

    If you don’t want to buy a new Dell PC to get the Windows Vista Ultimate (RED) edition, you can pre-order the standalone operating system over at Amazon for $219.95.  If you’re a lucky college student like me, you can purchase the OS at a discount price of $64.95 at The Ultimate Steal.  The OS is expected to be released on December 15th but it looks like you can download it… Read More

  • RED revises its announcement, gives RED ONE owners a sweet deal

    The big RED announcement from two weeks ago made quite a rumble, and it was only a few days afterwards that Jim Jannard announced things were changing yet again. Well, the revision has arrived. Jim says they’ve taken over “all aspects of electronic design and sensor fabrication,” apparently allowing them to do some stuff to upgrade the specs on a lot of the sensors. Read More

  • Yet another RED announcement, this time Dec 3

    I know, I’m really taking the bait here, but they followed through big time on the last one. My insider says they’ve had “a little breakthrough” today. My guess: they’re moving the dates up. Jim says: “New announcement on Dec. 3rd. Everything has changed… just as we promised. :-)” Give me a break! Read More

  • 5 seriously overhyped digital cameras

    Although I’m a big fan of the Casio EX-F1 and wrote at length last week on how major the RED announcement was, I can’t disagree with this list. The D90 hasn’t lived up to its hype, the 1D Mk III does have serious problems, the Scarlet is simply not viable as a DSLR, and the EX-F1 is a one-trick pony. This isn’t to say that these cameras are weak — on the… Read More

  • In case you missed it – stereographic RED 3D setup

    Down at the very bottom of RED’s enormous Epic/Scarlet page there is this little item you may have overlooked. We told you they were trademarking “RED 3D” back in October, and sure enough here is the dedicated 3D setup we thought would come to pass. In light of the rest of the announcement, it’s clear it’s essentially just a special baseplate and lateral fasteners… Read More

  • My God, it's full of K's! What the RED announcement means for the industry

    Image credit: Benni Diez at forums For the last couple weeks, Jim Jannard of RED Camera has been teasing everybody on the REDuser forums with vague promises and outrageous claims of revolutionizing the industry. Skepticism would be the natural response, but after the original RED One camera turned the industry on its head in 2007, people learned that the company said what they… Read More

  • The Red EPIC strides from the mists of time

    This, my friends, is a camera. Jim Janard over at Red has begun telling the world about his new modular camera system with its Mysterium-X sensor. There are a few upgrade paths for those who already own a RED ONE, the older generation including upgrading to the new sensor, trade in RED ONE for the price of an EPIC, or receive a sensor upgrade some time in the future. If the RED ONE costs… Read More