Red vs Blue

  • Red vs. Blue returns: Reconstructed series to run throughout the summer

    Red vs. Blue is back, and better than ever! Reconstructed, the latest installment of the award-winning machinima series pits red guys from Halo against blue guys from Halo. It’s terribly epic, both in scope and substance. New episodes will be released every Monday throughout the summer, the first of which is already online. It’s got all the slow motion pans, dramatic pauses and… Read More

  • "Red vs Blue" Last Episode Airs Tomorrow

    The critically acclaimed, Web-only machinima “Red vs. Blue” ends its illustrious run tomorrow with its 100th episode. The series’ creator claims that “The Sopranos” already used the ending he had wanted to use, so they’ve had to come up with another one. Sources tell me President Bush will address the nation tomorrow night to try to reassure the American… Read More