Red One

  • Behind the scenes at a RED-powered, heli-mounted music video shoot

    I recently had the pleasure of helping out on a music video shoot here in the northwest, noteworthy not just because a great video resulted, but because we were shooting with two RED One cameras and a custom RC helicopter for aerial shots. It was interesting being behind the scenes and I thought I’d share a little of the fun. The video itself, for Mt St Helens Vietnam Band’s… Read More

  • Comparing a Red One, 5D mk II and Panasonic GH1: highly illogical

    We posted this earlier this morning, but I want to weigh in since this is up my alley. I’m not entirely sure why people continue to compare the Red to consumer cameras. I mean, the price difference alone puts them in different categories, not to mention the format, resolution, and gear suite. Yet constantly I see people making comparisons like this one, and I can’t for the life of… Read More

  • Video: Red One v. Canon 5D Mark II v. Panasonic GH1

    A videographer, Marty Meyer, shot a short video using the Red One, the Canon 5D Mark II, and the Panasonic GH1. The resulting music-/test-/sad girl in the rain-video is quite nice even if you can’t really tell the difference among the three cameras. Read More

  • RED revises its announcement, gives RED ONE owners a sweet deal

    The big RED announcement from two weeks ago made quite a rumble, and it was only a few days afterwards that Jim Jannard announced things were changing yet again. Well, the revision has arrived. Jim says they’ve taken over “all aspects of electronic design and sensor fabrication,” apparently allowing them to do some stuff to upgrade the specs on a lot of the sensors. Read More

  • My God, it's full of K's! What the RED announcement means for the industry

    Image credit: Benni Diez at forums For the last couple weeks, Jim Jannard of RED Camera has been teasing everybody on the REDuser forums with vague promises and outrageous claims of revolutionizing the industry. Skepticism would be the natural response, but after the original RED One camera turned the industry on its head in 2007, people learned that the company said what they… Read More

  • The Red EPIC strides from the mists of time

    This, my friends, is a camera. Jim Janard over at Red has begun telling the world about his new modular camera system with its Mysterium-X sensor. There are a few upgrade paths for those who already own a RED ONE, the older generation including upgrading to the new sensor, trade in RED ONE for the price of an EPIC, or receive a sensor upgrade some time in the future. If the RED ONE costs… Read More

  • One guy's experience shooting on RED

    You know, to be honest, I could probably get a less fluffy account of shooting on a RED ONE from my friend Mike, who has been shooting on RED for quite a long time now. But he can’t write, and I’m lazy, so in the meantime we have a pretty solid article here that describes the experience of shooting in 4K, the trouble they had, some of the strengths and limitations, and so on. Since… Read More

  • "Stained," the first award-winning film to be shot in 4K on a Red One camera

    I’ve got a friend working on a few things with his Red One that will probably win a few awards as well (hey man lets hang out btw), but this film, made for a 168-hour film contest, is apparently quite good. It’s about “a merciless society that segregates its undesirables” — in other words, America — and I understand it is very well-done, having won about… Read More

  • Red's Scarlet makes her debut

    We’ve been hearing whispers about Scarlet for a few months now, and today she’s made her first appearance. Scarlet is the code name of Red’s “professional pocket camera”, and that’s all we’ve known about it until today. Now, however, we know that it’s a fairly small digital still and video camera that can shoot up to 3k resolution, which is… Read More

  • Red One-powered Super 8 telecine system rules you

    [photopress:redsuper8.jpg,full,center] This is rad. Take one Movie Stuff Workprinter XP. Now add a Red One. You now have an ultra-high-def Super 8 telecine system. What does that mean for you non camera geeks? It means it’s a way of transferring analog Super 8 films into perfect, high-rez digital archives. Why anyone would need that kind of quality from Super 8 remains to be seen, but… Read More

  • Rumor: Red's Redcode coming to Final Cut Studio as native at Macworld

    Part of Macworld next month will be a thing called the Final Cut Pro group, just for you video guys. And we’ve been tracking rumors that there will be a special surprise on the 16th. We’ve done some digging, and we’re fairly sure that this surprise has something to do with the Red One camera and Final Cut’s integration with Redcode. In reality it’ll be an update… Read More

  • Hands-On with the Red One

    I’m a lucky guy. As a technology journalist, Seattle is a great place to be. I get easy access to T-Mobile and Microsoft, among others. And due to the creative community in the area, there are always fun things to run into, like this Red One camera I caught up with last night on Capitol Hill. Read More

  • Red One Unboxing Video

    We love the Red One camera. We think it’s going to change the world of HD film making forever. What’s great is that as you read this, the first Red Ones have left the factory, and are now in the hands of cinematographers everywhere. HD for Indies has us hooked up with a sweet unboxing vid. It’s embedded as a self-playing QT movie, so hit the link to view it yourself. So… Read More

  • NAB 2007: Live from the Red Booth

    There are those who think that the Red One camera is vaporware. I’m here to tell you it’s not. We just spent some quality time in the booth and saw four of the cameras in action, as well as 4k footage of biplanes dogfighting as shot by Peter Jackson. It was awesome. Sadly, we were told that if we took stills or video of the unreleased WWI short, we’d leave with broken arms. Read More

  • Red Theivery Update: Prototypes Gone, Mysterium Sensors OK

    , makers of the Red One ultra-high-definition digital cinema camera. James Jannard, founder of the company, brings us this update via a post on DVX User: While items taken included many computers, drives, monitors, prototypes (including our “shiny” aluminum IBC prototype), ID files and our Scratch system… it appears that the thieves did NOT get any sensors, sensor information… Read More

  • "Red" Alert: Corporate Espionage in Ultra-High-Definition

    , has posted scant but exciting details about a break-in last night at the Red headquarters. Not mere criminals, the felons didn’t make away with only typical, easy-to-fence HD gear, but with paperwork and perhaps hardware related to the Red One camera. Jannard is quick to point out that this won’t set back development and deployment of the camera at all. Nonetheless… Read More

  • Seeing Red: Ultra High-Def

    It’s been accused of being Vaporware, but the Red One has now been officially unveiled, and pre-orders are available. For those not in-the-know, the Red One is the first camera by Red, the digital video company founded by Oakley’s creator James Jannard. What makes the Red so amazing is that Jannard, being an optical aficionado, has engineered a digital cinema camera that can equal… Read More