red hydrogen one

RED is working on a Hydrogen Two smartphone

In a post on RED’s message board, founder Jim Jannard reasserted the company’s commitment to the disappointing Hydrogen One handset. It’s a distant memory now, but the pricey niche device was te

Don’t worry, RED’s $1,595 titanium Hydrogen One is finally shipping

I know it’s been tough. All the waiting. The sleepless nights. But fear not, the Titanium version of RED’s wholly ridiculous Hydrogen One is finally here. And yes, it costs as much as you remember

The Red Hydrogen One phone exists — but should it?

The Red Hydrogen One is real. I’ve held it in my hands. It’s sitting face down on my desk right now as I type these words. None of this is to say, of course, that it needs to or even should exist.

The RED Hydrogen One won’t arrive until October, so here are some pictures instead

After a delay, RED’s Hydrogen One was scheduled to arrive this month. And then it got delayed again until October/November. If and when the phone actually does arrive, however, odds are pretty good