Skype’s new ‘Interviews’ feature lets you test candidates using a real-time code editor

Skype recently introduced a feature designed to cement its place among business users who aren’t as interested in things like emoji reactions or “Stories.” It now supports conductin

How to attract top recruiting talent

I’ve advised recruiting operations at close to 300 startups, ranging from a five-person team at Scalyr to a several-hundred-person team at Gusto. Most startups share a common theme: Technical recrui

No More Boring Resumes: Seelio Lets College Students Showcase Their Work & Helps Employers Find Them

Looking to rethink the resume, a startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Seelio</a> is opening its doors today to anyone with a .edu email address. The company, which spun out of a

HireVue Acquires CodeEval, A Programmer Evaluation Tool For Recruiters

<a target="_blank" href="">HireVue</a> today announced its acquisition of <a target="_blank" href="">CodeEval</a>, a platform technical evaluations. Terms of the