This adorable tiny record maker lets you cut your own 5-inch vinyl singles

Vinyl has been coming back for the last few years, but unlike MP3s, CDs or even cassette tapes (also coming back), records aren’t easy to record on your own. This tiny toy record maker makes it

Startups Weekly: Will the real unicorns please stand up?

In this week's newsletter: CrowdStrike readies its IPO, Brex eyes a $2B valuation and SoFi lands a whopping $500M.

Trump’s inauguration broke live video streaming records

Though some cried while others cheered, both sides tuned into to watch President Trump’s inauguration in sizable numbers – record-breaking numbers, in fact. The event has broken new ground,

The clever, absurd RokBlok rides your vinyl’s grooves like a hipster race car

Sometimes you see a gadget and think simultaneously, "that's insanely clever," but also just "that's insane." The RokBlok was one of those situations for me: Who but a mad genius would have thought of

Genetically superior: Man tries to beat GTA IV record of most hours consecutively played

<img src="" />What's the longest you've ever played <i>GTA IV</i>? A couple of hours, maybe? That's a shame, since the official Guinnes

World LAN party record broken: 300 kids playing Quake, Team Fortress 2

<img src="" />Man alive, 300 people huddled together in a single room (granted, a big room) playing games like <i>Quake</i> and <i>Team F

Good luck, bro: Someone will attempt to break Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong record at E3

<img src="" />Billy Mitchell is a pompous ass, but that's 90 percent of the reason why he's The Man. As many of you know, he holds

Japan gets another cool CD/SD/record player combo system

<img src="" /> Japanese vinyl fans don't have a reason to complain in the last few months. Following powerhouses <a href="http:/

CrunchArcade: Cosplay record broken: 697 folks having a good time, dressed as Mario

Dallas must be really proud, for some 697 cosplayers descended on the city at the weekend in a valiant and noble attempt to break the Guinness World Record of “Largest Gathering of Game Characte

Rad: World's tallest Lego tower

Sure it’s got guy-wires keeping it from toppling and killing little Lego men, but this very tall tower is just neat. It’s nearly 100 feet tall, making it by far the tallest Lego tower ever

Chinese man builds world's largest cellphone for some reason

We all have to have hobbies, it keeps our minds from going to mush. Mr. Tan of Songyuan City, China, has a pretty good one: He built the world’s largest cellphone, hoping for a world record. As

Bloke Throws Phone A Country Mile, Sets New Record

How far can you throw a cell phone? If you said “over 311 feet” you’re either lying or your name is Chris Hughff. Hughff threw a cell phone 95.08 meters at the 2007

Video Games Hidden In LP Records

I’ve seen easter eggs before where small, fun games are embedded into other games or in machines of some sort, but this has to take the cake as far as hidden gems go. Back in the 1980s, computer

New Wi-Fi Distance Record Set: 238 Miles

A researcher in Venezuela, a fine country, has set a new Wi-Fi distance record, sending a signal 238 miles from his research facility to another one in the Andes Mountains. Well, they’re both lo

Don't Call It A Comeback (Actually, Go For It)

Everyone’s favorite liberal and entertaining talk station, NPR, ran a story this morning on how vinyl is making a comeback. The reason for those Talking Heads 7-inches coming back in style? NPR

The AudioFile: The Record Shop of the Future

Ever since Tower Records closed its doors for good late last year, I’ve been wondering about what record stores are going to be like in, say, 10 years’ time. Will they be nothing more than