• Tech will lead to new sub-prime crunch Crunch Network

    Tech will lead to new sub-prime crunch

    In October 2016, two leading P2P platforms in the U.S. — Lending Club and Prosper — announced a new increase in interest rates for lower-grade loans. The decision was made in order to sustain investor demand. However, keeping the investor demand stable is not the only reason for recent changes — delinquencies are growing, especially when it comes to high-risk loans. Read More

  • Startups Selling To Other Startups: A House Of Cards? Crunch Network

    Startups Selling To Other Startups: A House Of Cards?

    “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” the saying goes. Well, if you’re running a startup that sells to other startups, you might be putting all your eggs in one blender. B2B companies whose customers are other early stage B2B companies put themselves doubly at risk: Not only are startups failure-prone by nature, but an early stage company with strong fundamentals… Read More

  • What If The Angels Go Back To Heaven? Crunch Network

    What If The Angels Go Back To Heaven?

    “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” That’s how Ralph Waldo Emerson described his distrust of a certain type of “private adventurer.” I think of that whenever I hear that angel investors will do more and bigger deals next year than they did last year — not because I don’t believe it, but precisely because I do. It… Read More

  • Now that the Recession Officially Ended….Whatever Happened to that Other Shoe?

    Now that the Recession Officially Ended….Whatever Happened to that Other Shoe?

    With the news this week that the recession officially ended in June 2009, there’s a ton of commentary about how it still feels like we’re in recession. But from where I sit, it never felt much like a recession at all. Revenues tightened up and people didn’t get raises, but I don’t know any friends who lost apartments, few who lost jobs and few companies that went… Read More

  • Solar industry creating jobs, not just juice

    It appears that there may be a recession proof industry after all. The Solar Energies Industry Association just released their annual report, and while coal and oil are “suffering”, solar is a growth industry. Read More

  • Because of the recession, y'all watched a lot of TV this year

    The Media Democracy Survey tries to ascertain America’s entertainment habits. It comes out every year, and this year’s edition just went live. As you might image, the terrible economy played a major role in the way Americans went about their business this past year. In fact, it turns out that Americans now watch (well, watched in the past year) an average of 18 hours of TV per… Read More

  • Is the recession causing people to play more and more video games?

    It seems gamers are playing the likes of Guitar Hero and Wii Whatever more hours per week than ever before. Is that the recession’s fault? Maybe! Back in January, gamers were playing video games for an average of nearly 19 hours per week. In 2006, that number was just shy of 15 hours per week. Read More

  • Blame the Internet: Only 38 percent of young Americans see a TV set as a necessity

    Would you still consider your TV to be a necessity, or has its functionality largely been replaced by other devices such as your computer? Well, the largest number of Americans since 1973 no longer see television as a necessity. Only 54 percent of Americans think TV is a necessity these days. Not surprisingly, young people are least likely to call TV a necessity. Read More

  • What recession? The Sanwa throat microphone should improve call quality (but you'll look odd)

    Go ahead, walk around your local mall with this Sanwa throat microphone and see what happens. Created by Japan’s Sanwa, and modeled after similar throat microphones used by elite military forces around the world (supposedly), the mic wraps around your throat and is supposed to improve call clarity. Read More

  • GameStop: Recession not having too big of an impact on sales

    Here’s a simple question: has the recession negatively affected your gaming? That is, are you buying less games; renting more games in lieu of buying them; selling old titles to scrap up cash for new ones (or other items)? Because if you ask GameStop’s Bob McKenzie, who’s a senior vice president of merchandising, as VentureBeat did, he’d likely say “no.”… Read More

  • Sirius XM creditors looking to sack CEO Mel Karmazin if company files for bankruptcy

    This isn’t exactly new, in the strictest definition of the word, but why let that stop us? A group of Sirius XM creditors, creditors whose money makes the company hum on a daily basis, have threatened to seek the ouster of chief executive officer Mel Karmazin if the company files for bankruptcy. (Remember: that could happen as early as tomorrow.) The WSJ notes, however, that the odds of… Read More

  • More details on Sirius XM's possible bankruptcy

    Hope you aren’t a Sirius XM shareholder. When word broke last night that the company had retained the services of some fancy bankruptcy lawyers—the worst, that bankruptcy could be filed “within days”—fans of the service, naturally, started to freak. There’s a few more details today that may be worth your time, such as the water cooler talk that this could all… Read More

  • The Internet during a recession: Welcome distraction or ruiner of dreams?

    In the late 1990s, when I used to watch Fox Sports News in the morning before school, there used to me a commercial for the Wall Street Journal. Something about two kids, both alike in dignity, but one who was raised by a Wall Street Journal-reading family, and the other, ostensibly, by a pack of wolves; wolves don’t read too well. Naturally, the kid from the WSJ-reading family went on… Read More

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator developers hit particularly hard by job cuts

    The Microsoft-owned developers responsible for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series (and the upcoming Microsoft Train Simulator) have been hit pretty hard by all those job cuts. The worst reports suggest that everyone in connection with Flight Simulator was let go. Yikes. Read More

  • Recession strikes PC sales

    The sales of new PCs — desktops and laptops and netbooks — has been on the rise every quarter since the second half of 2001. That’s a lot of quarters of continued growth, and the last five years have seen an average increase of 15%. But as we enter 2009 things are starting to slow down. Read More

  • CES 2009 will be a dull borefest because of the recession: LA Times

    If you’re going to CES in two weeks, or are visiting sites like us here at CrunchGear to get up-to-the-minute news, know this: the show will absolutely suck. That’s what the Los Angeles Times says, at least. Read More

  • Fear Kills Businesses, Dead

    It’s official. We’re in a recession. Recessions naturally inject fear and panic, which is only heightened by every discussion of market losses, layoffs, bailouts, and somber predictions. We’re only human after all; of course everything affects us personally and emotionally. Fear is not a catalyst for productivity however. With valuable advice pouring in from concerned… Read More

  • Yikes: Circuit City files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

    Adios, Circuit City. You will be remembered forever as a not-good-enough version of Best Buy (even though Best Buy is pretty suspect, too.) Yes, Circuit City has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It did so last week, when we were busy talking about store closings and fake sales. It is, I think, the biggest tech-realted failure (if that’s the right word to use) of… Read More