Onkyo Rolls Out New Networked Stereo Receiver

<img src="" /><a href="">Onkyo</a> has added a new stereo receiver with networking capabilit

Pioneer Announces New Receivers, Airplay In Top Model

Today, Pioneer announced four new A/V receivers to join their VSX line. All of the new receivers are smartphone compatible with an optional Bluetooth adapter, and can stream audio from the devices. Th

Sony is adding three ES receivers to its 2008 line-up

Sony has announced three new AV receivers to be added to its ES line-up, but it’s not giving up any details. What we do know is the new receivers are going to offer lossless audio decoding for B

Onkyo debuts pair of entry-level HDMI-handling AV receivers

[photopress:onkyos.jpg,full,center] Onkyo makes good home theater gear, and today we get word of two new affordable receivers. They’re coming out in April, and they seem pretty sweet, as far as

The AudioFile: The iPhone Is Eyeing Your Living Room

This week: Computers, set-top boxes (like AppleTV), and AV receivers are battling to be your household hub, streaming music and movies back and forth across your pad until you become sterile and glow

Sony Announces Three Premium Receivers

Sony is launching three A/V receivers today as part of its “Elevated Standard” (ES) line of premium gear. All three models feature iPod integration and Sony’s Digital Media Port, whi

Pioneer Announces Four Elite A/V Receivers

VSX-90TXV Pioneer isn’t being sheepish about their intentions to take over the home entertainment division with the announcement of four A/V receivers that deliver superb HD audio and video. The Eli