• Google Maps Beefs Up Its Live Transit Information With Updates For NYC, DC And Salt Lake City

    Google Maps Beefs Up Its Live Transit Information With Updates For NYC, DC And Salt Lake City

    One of the things that’s frustrating about Apple’s Maps is that you don’t get the integrated transit information that’s the lifeblood of living in a place like New York City or San Francisco. Google Maps has always had that information integrated into the product, which is a huge help for people who live in those metropolitan areas. The difficulty for Google is to keep… Read More

  • Citrix’s Work Collaboration Platform Podio Adds Real-Time Comments, Presence And Likes

    Citrix’s Work Collaboration Platform Podio Adds Real-Time Comments, Presence And Likes

    Podio, the social business collaboration and project management platform Citrix acquired last year, just announced a set of product updates that bring more real-time features to the service. The over 200,000 companies that currently use Podio will now, for example, get real-time comments, so users won’t have to press the “refresh” button anymore to see when new comments appear… Read More

  • Groupon Acquires Realtime Location-Aware Service Glassmap To Help You Find Deals

    Groupon Acquires Realtime Location-Aware Service Glassmap To Help You Find Deals

    Y Combinator company Glassmap, a location-aware app that was big back in the day (last year), has just announced that is has been acquired by Groupon. A representative from Groupon has confirmed to TechCrunch that the company has indeed acquired Glassmap and is “excited to bring the team aboard.” This makes total sense, because Groupon needs to know where you are, who… Read More

  • Realtime Gets $100 Million To Build “Whole New Era Of The Internet,” AKA The Real-Time Web

    Realtime Gets $100 Million To Build “Whole New Era Of The Internet,” AKA The Real-Time Web

    Realtime, a technology developed by a company which has been around since the Internet’s earliest days with the practically un-Googleable name “Internet Business Technologies,” has just received a massive $100 million investment to help fund its lofty plan to build the real-time web. The company offers a developer framework that now powers 2,000 real-time client… Read More

  • Twitter Tests “Top News” And “Top People” At Top Of Search Results

    Twitter Tests “Top News” And “Top People” At Top Of Search Results

    In what appears to be a test among some users, Twitter is adding “Top News” and “Top People” results at the top of its realtime search results. When you search for a hot story like “gmail” (which came out with a buggy iPhone app today) or even “Humanoid” (a new startup I just wrote about), you will see a highlighted boxed result with a link to a… Read More

  • Burn Notice Prequel Goes All Dual Screen With Realtime Comments

    TV is just not the same without Twitter and Facebook chatter. Tonight’s prequel movie Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe comes with social chatter about the show on your laptop courtesy of Echo, the realtime commenting system. The USA Network launched this companion site, which pulls in comments, Tweets, Facebook status updates and Fan Page comments, as well as YouTube video and… Read More

  • Close or View

    Push notifications are the new prime time, water-front property, Boardwalk and Park Place of phase 2 realtime. The domino effect of this alert mechanism will transform the iPad and therefore the downlevel iPhone and Web clients in turn. Soon we will be able to write filters directly to that middle layer buffer where state is stored, with business rules that let some things through to… Read More

  • The AirPlay Network

    Week One of the Age of iPad was barely weekended when Keith Olbermann was removed from his position at NBC/Comcast. I missed his final show, mostly because I stopped watching it and all the cable news channels once the election was over. But then I remembered we are now in the Age of iPad, and guess what I found when I turned on Apple TV. There it was right in the podcasts section, ready… Read More

  • You've Got FMail

    You've Got FMail

    The news on Monday appears to be that Facebook will reinvent email. TechCrunch says it’s the long awaited Gmail killer. Others say it’s Gmail inventor Paul Buchheit’s project since he came to Facebook in the FriendFeed acquisition. Paul says he hasn’t been working on that, but rather the Big Freaking Zip File app where we can download all our Facebook bits. And… Read More

  • CrowdEye Adds Location And Sentiment Filters To Realtime Search

    Realtime search has come a long way from just a year ago when the only option really was Twitter’s own search engine. Now Google, Bing, and a gaggle of realtime search startups all have products up and running (even Facebook is expanding its own realtime search to include everybody’s public stream). Today, one of those realtime search startups, CrowdEye, released a bunch of… Read More

  • The Buzz Campaign

    An interesting firefight broke out over the weekend as Google engineer DeWitt Clinton defended Google data policies in Buzz and related “open” standards. Those who remember the politics of RSS and the games companies played around its buildout would recognize a number of the names and tactics of the current positioning. Closed comment threads, insinuations, calls to action —… Read More

  • Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland?

    Lady Gaga blared from the speakers as my 16 year old daughter drove away from the house. I didn’t want to like Lady Gaga, but her duet with Elton John at the Grammys changed everything. She seemed to draw strength with every traded verse, turning his phrasing to her advantage, his blues to her power. This was not a generational shift, but a reach across the eras. Now there was my little… Read More

  • I Want my iTV

    Rumors of the death of Flash are greatly exaggerated, says Jeremy Allaire in a TechCrunch guest post. Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch touts the ability to update the millions of Flash-powered devices over the network. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz resigns in realtime over Twitter. Nexus One updates the Android OS in realtime when I switch it on this morning. The iPad arrives in March. Here’s… Read More

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

    We’ve only got a few days to go before Steve Jobs tells us what we’re spending our money on this year. From all the leaks and positioning announcements, it appears we’re being pushed into the Pay Zone. The NY Times, the top four or five TV shows, the embargo-free bestseller. The bet is we’ll pay for same-day-as access to discretionary consumption of media. I think… Read More

  • A Hard Day's Night

    The dominoes are falling fast in the wake of NBC Universal’s decision to ax its experiment with late night in prime time. What seemed a simple revolt by local affiliate stations may spell the beginning of a complete reworking of mainstream media around the emerging realtime architecture of Twitter. RSS and its podcasting offspring triggered a process of democratization that offered users… Read More

  • Nobody can keep secrets anymore

    In the age of Twitter, no one can keep a secret. That’s clear from the announcements about the Gphone, the iSlate, and the likely fact that nothing will happen at CES. Comdex has been dead for years, Oracle conferences feature endless rehashes by Scott McNealy about the Sun merger, and in general most trade shows have been denuded of any real news. That leaves product announcements by… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Realtime in 3D

    Over the holidays I had the great pleasure of watching the Seinfeld reunion story arc on the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s about to disappear from Comcast OnDemand, presumably to traipse off to the increasingly less-profitable domains of the DVD. But not only did the perfect reanimation of Seinfeldian celebration of nothing get around the impossible task of going home… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: The Kindle Effect

    FriendFeed’s return of its realtime Twitter feed is a great end to a turbulent year. Watching the river flow is a maddening exercise in gauging the value of the stream, but having the option again is invigorating as much as it underlines the futility of keeping up. That’s where the Kindle comes in. Kindle is a vacation from the stream; it’s checking into the Millstream motel… Read More

  • Beyond Realtime Search: The Dawning Of Ambient Streams

    The following guest post was written by Edo Segal (@edosegal). It was 1993 and I had just decided to drop out of college. I was a graphic design major in a great art school but decided I want to start my second company. Knowing this would mark the conclusion of my studies there I set out to create my final project. I would write a short story, design and produce it in print. I put out an… Read More

  • You say you want a revolution

    The RSS-is-not-dead-it’s just-Twitter Lobby is finally getting the point. As Dave Winer, Anil Dash, Stowe Boyd, Fred Wilson, and whoever else thinks the time for the Bum’s Rush is upon us are proclaiming, the Open Twitter API can save the world from onecompanyitis. In five words: Bearhug Twitter and feed them PB&J until they explode. I know that’s 9 words, but in this… Read More

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