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  • Bitly Announces Realtime, A Search Engine For Trending Links

    Bitly Announces Realtime, A Search Engine For Trending Links

    Today Bitly announced a new Bitly Labs project called Realtime, a service for finding the most clicked on Bitly links. Realtime, now in private beta, allows users to filter searches by social network, keyword, subject and more. For example, here are the results for a search for the keyword “startups” in technology on Twitter: Read More

  • CrowdEye Adds Location And Sentiment Filters To Realtime Search

    Realtime search has come a long way from just a year ago when the only option really was Twitter’s own search engine. Now Google, Bing, and a gaggle of realtime search startups all have products up and running (even Facebook is expanding its own realtime search to include everybody’s public stream). Today, one of those realtime search startups, CrowdEye, released a bunch of… Read More

  • Yahoo Dribbles More Twitter Results To Search

    Earlier this week, Google made a massive push into realtime search, taking advantage of its newly gained access to Twitter’s firehose of data, as well as realtime feeds from Facebook, MySpace and others.  You can see these realtime results for every search you do by selecting the Updates option,  Bing is also in the realtime race. So what’s Yahoo’s less-than-realtime… Read More