We Reali don’t know when real estate will get Better

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Burn baby burn. Real estate-focused fintech startups feel the heat

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Real estate tech startup Reali to shut down after raising $100M one year ago

Startups that are catering to homebuyers are struggling as interest rates and inflation have climbed and inventory shortages continue in many markets.  The latest casualty in the space is Reali, whic

Reali raises $20M for its flat-fee real estate platform

Reali, a real estate platform that replaces traditional real estate transaction fees with a flat-fee model, today announced that it has raised a $20 million Series B funding round led by Zeev Ventures

Reali expands its online real-estate service to the entire Bay Area, raises $5M Series A round

Reali wants to change how people buy and sell their homes and now it has $5 million more to work on it, thanks to a Series A led by Signia Venture Partners. The company also today announced that it