Mental health app Real raises $37M Series B

Real, a mental health app, has raised a $37 million oversubscribed Series B. The round was led by Owl Ventures, with participation from former Cityblock CEO Iyah Romm and chief health officer Dr. Sylv

Read AI raises $10M, creates virtual meeting dashboard to show you when you talk too much

Read Dashboard sits in virtual meetings to measure engagement, performance and sentiment among participants.

Real raises $10M from Lightspeed, Megan Rapinoe and others to rethink therapy

The last year has put a spotlight on mental health, and startup Real is looking to shake up the space with a product that makes group therapy available on-demand. Founded by CEO Ariela Safira, Real is

Gadget Story Time with EPIKGO hoverboard

I have a love-hate relationship with hoverboards. They make me happy when I ride them but they suck to fall off of lol. The other day I saw a guy carrying his newborn baby while riding a hoverboard a

Is Seattle Silicon Valley’s Next Favorite Stop?

In the last ten years, the Seattle tech scene has changed quite dramatically. In the 1990s and early 2000s, the only gigantic software companies in town were Microsoft and Amazon. For a time it even b

MiniGuru almost available for actual typing

<img src="" />The <a href="">MiniGuru k

RealNetworks totally thinks RealDVD will be back

<img src="" /> Remember <a HREF="

Judge upholds stop on RealDVD sales: Don't expect to see it for a long time (if ever)

Like Achilles, it looks like RealDVD has lived a short but glorious life. Its name will echo for eternity. And so on, and so forth. Right, so that judge that RealNetworks was so confident would rule i

MPAA sues Real over RealDVD – the fools

In yet another ridiculous and short-sighted move, “the nation’s top movie companies” have filed suit against RealNetworks due to the release of RealDVD. Oh my god. Every time I think

RealDVD now available for download: Dead simple DVD copying, but with odd DRM

Those of you in the market to buy bridges for a $1, you should probably know that Real’s RealDVD is now available for download. A quick primer on what RealDVD actually does: the $30 Windows-only

RealDVD Launches For Those Who Don't Mind DRM

<img src="" alt="RealDVD logo" class="shot" /> <a href="">Real Networks</a> announced that RealDVD, its latest solution allowi

Mitsubishi showcases super-thin LCD TV

Mitsubishi Electric yesterday unveiled a prototype LCD TV [JP], which is just 40mm thick. The company said it’s “REAL” TV is full HD but didn’t reveal any details regarding scr

AOL, RealNetworks and Yahoo Get $100 Million Bill

A Federal Court found today that AOL, Real Networks and Yahoo owe $100million to songwriters and composers as back payment for streaming music online. The court ruled on a request from the American So

Yahoo To Shut Premium Music Service, Redirect Users To Rhapsody…For Now

Yahoo will shut its premium music service tomorrow, a move away from premium music sales we first reported on in September 2007, and instead redirect users to Real Networks’ Rhapsody service. Te

Real's Rhapsody On TiVo: Will It Be Blue?

RealNetworks’ Rhapsody music service will become available to TiVo’s 10-12 million United States users, under a new deal to be announced today. Real’s Rhapsody will allow TiVo users to sign

New Real Player Launches

Real Networks has announced the public release of their new Real Player available on their website. We covered the beta release at the beginning of the month along with 20 beta accounts that went fast

Try The New RealPlayer: We Have Twenty Beta Accounts

Update: The accounts are long gone. Real Networks announced their new RealPlayer last week at the D Conference in San Diego. There was great coverage from a number of blogs and major news sites: see B

The New RealPlayer: Ripping a YouTube Video Near You

RealNetworks have annonuced a new version of RealPlayer that includes one-click video ripping. The free downloadable video player will allows users to save and organize video files in all major format

Best Buy Partnering with Real, SanDisk for Music Store

. And they’re doing it with their new best friends, SanDisk and Real Networks. Real and SanDisk already have a partnership aimed at Apple in the form of the Sansa e200 DAP and Real’s Rhaps

Sonos Teams with Real: Rhapsody in Your Livingroom

Streaming music and video could finally invade the living rooms of mainstream America next year. With Apple’s iTV vaporware device coming to light early, it sort of sets the stage for all kinds