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Sports Broadcast Wearable FirstV1sion Gets Sweat-Tested In EuroLeague Basketball

Smart garments are one of the fitness wearables Gartner recently pegged as having the “greatest potential for growth”. And lining up in that category is Spanish startup FirstV1sion, whose on-body

How To Watch Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Clasico Online Today

<img src="" />The single biggest game in European soccer takes place in a few hours (3pm ET). It's Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, and I can th

Real Madrid, Digital Artists To Develop More Apps Than You Can Possibly Handle

<img src="" />As you all know, any chance I get to mix soccer and tech is a chance I will absolutely take, and with zero hesitation. On tod

Thanks, Internet: Watch Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid presentation online for free

<img src="" />Thanks to the Internet, and a healthy disregard for copyright, you, too, can watch Cristiano Ronaldo's presentation at

If Kaká joins Real Madrid, what happens to his Sony Bravia commercial (where he's kitted out in Milan garb)?

<img src="" />It's safe to say that it looks like Kaká, the Brazilian footballer who has played for AC Milan for the past six years, is mo

Spain's Marca shows off Real Madrid stadium iPod dock

<img src="" />If it were socially acceptable to roll on the floor laughing while in public I'd be doing just that right now. Spain's Real M

Virgin games signs deal with Real Madrid, three games by year's end

Real Madrid, the nine-time European champions, penned a deal with Virgin, which will lead to three new “properties.” Madridistas can look forward to console (PS2, PS3, PSP, DS, Wii and 360