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Yesterday at TechCrunch’s Enterprise event in San Francisco, we sat down with three venture capitalists who spend a lot of their time thinking about enterprise startups. We wanted to ask…

Top VCs say the landscape for enterprise startups is changing

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The limits of coworking

It feels like there’s a WeWork on every street nowadays. Take a walk through midtown Manhattan (please don’t actually) and it might even seem like there are more WeWorks than office buildings. Consider this an ongoing discussion about Urban Tech, its intersection with regulation, issues of public service, and other complexities that people have full…

10:07 am PST • December 15, 2018
The limits of coworking

SoftBank is reportedly considering an investment of up to $20 billion in WeWork using capital from its Vision Fund.

SoftBank is considering taking a majority stake in WeWork

Real estate tech startup Amitree is making life easier for real estate agents, which it hopes will make life even easier for the homebuyers they work with. The company has raised $7…

Amitree raises $7 million to provide a Gmail assistant for real estate agents

If you’ve rented an apartment in New York you know how much of a hassle the process is. First you need to find somewhere, then you need to meet the…

The Guarantors makes it easier to rent an apartment in New York