Tech Blog Preps Crowdfunding Campaign To “Bring ReadWrite Back”

Fans of tech blog <a target="_blank" href="">ReadWrite</a> got a grim message last week. A new page is asking them to "<a target="_blank" href="">B

Say Media Sells ReadWrite To Wearable World, Remodelista Sold Back To Founders

Long-running tech blog <a target="_blank" href="">ReadWrite</a> (originally known as ReadWriteWeb) has found a new home — it's been acquired by conference/incubator/media com

Say Media Is Selling Off Its Content Sites, Including ReadWrite and xoJane

<a target="_blank" href="">Say Media</a> owns sites like xoJane, ReadWrite, and Fashionista — but the company doesn't plan to own them for much longer. CEO Matt Sanchez <a

Business Insider’s Owen Thomas Is In Talks To Be The New Editor At ReadWrite

My old boss <a target="_blank" href="">Owen Thomas</a> is very close to becoming the new editor-in-chief at the <a target="_blank" href="">SAY Media</a>-

SAY Media Rebrands ReadWriteWeb As “ReadWrite”, Redesigns, Hires Dan “Fake Steve Jobs” Lyons As Editor In Chief

I'm a fan of ReadWriteWeb, always have been, but other than not being able to pronounce the blog's name, I've always appreciated the technical and detailed analysis coming out of the brand. SAY Media