Attack of the clones

Lego – or LEGO – is expensive and kids – my kids in particular – want a lot of it. Our basement looks like the returns department of a major toy store, covered from corner to c

Storytelling app Wattpad raises $51M at a $398M valuation

Content, as they say, is king — but these days, that may be true only for as long as you can figure out a good business model to deliver it. And today, a startup based out of Toronto, Canada is

Wattpad takes ‘chat fiction’ beyond text with launch of Tap Originals

Chat fiction apps are among some of the most popular in the App Store, thanks to their highly engaged, largely teenage to young adult fan base who enjoy reading thrilling stories told in the form of t

Amazon’s chat fiction app Rapids ties up with Amazon Studios with launch of ‘Signature Stories’

Today’s kids aren’t just reading books. They’re also tapping and playing with interactive stories on tablets as preschoolers, then delving into instant messaging-like chat fiction ap

Korean e-book service Ridibooks scores $20M Series C

E-book sales may be declining in the U.S. and U.K., but in South Korea, many people still enjoy swiping instead of leafing through their reading material. E-book sales there are growing steadily each

Nickelodeon gets into e-books with new reading app for kids, Nick Jr. Books

Kids TV network Nickelodeon already has solid footing in the digital space with its lineup of over 40 preschool apps and games and its own streaming service, Noggin. Now, the entertainment brand is ma

Google Books will now make better suggestions on what to read next

Google today is launching a new feature for Google Books which aims to offer a better challenge to Amazon’s Kindle app when it comes to helping you find new things to read. Called “Discov

Amazon Debuts A $99 Kindle Bundle For Kids Including An E-Reader, Cover And Warranty

Amazon wants parents to buy Kindles for their children and is today launching a discounted “Kindle for Kids Bundle” to encourage them to do so. This new package includes the combination of

Mobile Devices Can Dramatically Improve Literacy Rates In Developing Countries, Says UNESCO

A new report by UNESCO says that mobile devices can boost literacy rates in developing countries, potentially reaching almost all of the world's population. Furthermore, an expensive tablet or smartph

FarFaria Brings Hundreds Of Children’s Books To Android

<a target="_blank" href="">FarFaria</a>, the children's subscription-based e-book service which recently raised <a href="

Zoobean Debuts A Recommendation Service For Children’s Apps And Books

Zoobean, one of many startups to experiment with the “Netflix for kids’ books” business model – meaning, a subscription-based children’s books service where new books arr

Startups Pitching A “Netflix For E-Books” May Have A Tough Sell

When it comes to getting consumers to pay for things on a subscription basis, some services fare better than others. A growing number of people seem happy to pay for entertainment-based offerings like

Study: Children Reading Fewer Books, Down 8% From 2012

The Harry Potter series is wildly entertaining, but so is Angry Birds, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube Justin Bieber re-enactments, texting, Halo, The Disney Channel, Transformers 3, and a consumer flying

iStoryTime Debuts A “Netflix For Ebooks” For Kids

If a startup called <a href="">Oyster is the Netflix

Developed By Literacy Experts, Learn With Homer Launches On The iPad To Change How Kids Learn To Read

Stephanie Dua spent the last ten years pushing for educational reform, first as the CEO of the Fund for Public Schools under former Chancellor of New York's Department of Education, Joel Klein, and Ca

Hullabalu, A Startup With A Different Take On Touchable Storybooks, Arrives On iPhone

<a target="_blank" href="">Hullabalu</a>, the New York-based kids app maker <a href="

Eric Schmidt-Backed Slice Moves Beyond Receipt Tracking With Debut Of Bookshelf, A Social Network For Readers

Is there room for another social network for book lovers, now that the biggest, <a target="_blank" href="">Goodreads</a>, <a href="

Readability Launches Top Reads, An Online Magazine Aggregating The Platform’s Most-Read Content

Reading app <a target="_blank" href="">Readability</a> once butted heads with Apple on <a href="">subscriptio

Amazon Acquires Social Reading Site Goodreads, Which Gives The Company A Social Advantage Over Apple

Today, Amazon has announced the acquisition of social reading service, Goodreads. Specific terms of the deal weren’t disclosed and it should close by the end of Q2. Goodreads had raised $2.75 mi

The Little Book Club Sends Busy Parents Quality Kids’ Books Every Month

One of the most valuable things parents can do is read to their kids, but keeping a steady supply of quality books in the house is still a challenge. Today, a startup called <a target="_blank" href="h
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