• Intel showcases wireless power

    Intel remotely fired up the audience today at the IDF R&D Forum Keynote by wirelessly powering a light bulb from a distance of 2 feet away. Using a signal generator and a power amplifier, wireless power transfer was effectively showcased by Alanson Sample from Intel Research, Seattle. Transmitting 60 watts at 75% efficiency, the technology lit up a small light bulb perched upon a set… Read More

  • Stratospheric Broadband

    Led, by the University of York and funded by the EU’s Framework 6 R&D programmes, the CAPANINA project seeks to energise the development of high-alititude platforms (HAPs) for wireless broadband. For the uninitiated, HAPs are essentially tethered balloons and airships that provide broadband coverage across large urban and rural areas; an airborne rival to WiMAX and 3G if you will… Read More