• I, For One, Welcome Our Remote-Controlled Robotic Fire-Breathing Dragon Overlords

    A bit of silly for your Monday morning: this is a flying, RC-controlled robotic dragon that actually breathes fire and sounds like a monstrous squeal demon as it takes off. The Dragon took a year to build and won Best In Show at the Toledo RC event, Weak Signals. Read More

  • A Really Nice Flying Ornithopter Video For Your Friday Enjoyment

    These things are pretty old but sometimes it’s nice to see two dudes really happy about a piece of technology that really works. This ornithopter is made by the guys at FlappingFlight and comes in multiple models including the Park Hawk with “instant glide” feature that allows you to stop flapping and swoop around like a bird of prey at the touch of a button. Read More

  • Wipeout Goes Corrugated On This Cardboard Race Track

    As a child of the 80’s, I spent more then my fair share of quarters on games like Contra, Wipeout, and Battlezone. In fact, at one point I actually owned my own Battlezone machine, and had it set up in my living room. Then I moved in with my future wife, and we suddenly didn’t have room for an arcade game in the living room, and I had to sell it. This is why when I see things… Read More

  • Where a radio controlled Nissan Sentra SE-R is used to sell the real thing

    Car commercials are as old as TV. There’s nothing really exciting about the format anymore because we already know the format. To sell a luxury car, a B-rate celebrity often points out the finer things. Trucks commercials showcase manly men preforming manly tasks. So it’s only fitting really that that an R/C car is the star of a Nissan Sentra SE-R spot. (because they have… Read More

  • Plug-and-play bomb system for radio-controlled model airplanes

    China-based Quanum is offering a bomb system called “Bombs Away” for radio-controlled model airplanes that can be installed “in seconds” and fits most of the planes with engine size 0.25 or bigger out there. All that users need to do is to connect the bomb’s servo wire with a channel on the radio and then stick the bomb’s release pod to the airplane. Read More

  • The Quadcopter, or build your own Drone

    We told you about the AR.Drone that we saw at CES, but here’s a homebrew alternative that you can build today. Sure, it’s not iPhone/iPod controlled, but it does most everything else: fly, hover, look cool, terrorize the neighborhood. Read More

  • RC model of Star Trek USS ENTERPRISE swimming underwater (video)

    I’m not an RC gadget expert, but modding static model kits of space ships so that they’re water-proof and can be RC-controlled to make them then “fly underwater” seems like a very, very geeky thing to do to me. Take this 1/350 scale replica of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A space ship from Star Trek, for example. Some person [JP] in Yokosuka, Japan, bought the static kit… Read More

  • Very cool RC toy: "Mission Carrier SWAT truck" with helicopter (video)

    Just yesterday we featured Bandai’s cool remote-controlled heli-robot Sky Armor, and now the same company (its subsidiary CCP, to be exact) announced the Mission Carrier SWAT [JP], a combination of a truck and helicopter. And this toy is even better than Sky Armor. The cool thing about the SWAT truck is the sound and the elevating deck: Push a button on the remote to make the panels in… Read More

  • Italian company uses RC toy submarines to run cables through sewers

    Smart. And a little gross. An Italian company has resorted to using remote-controlled toy submarines to run fiberoptic cable through the sewers of Milan. Read More

  • RC helicopter looks like Airwolf!!

    Good news, children of the 80s! You can fulfill your life-long dream to be Stringfellow Hawke by flying this miniature remote controlled replica of the Airwolf helicopter! This little guy can fly up, down, backwards, forwards, left and right! You can use your powers of imagination to make believe that it’s actually flying at supersonic speeds. Read More

  • RCTiger.com: Real-time web-based tank warfare

    We received an email today telling us about RCTiger.com, a German website that lets you move little remote control tanks around a simulated battlefield. While I was quite skeptical at first, once I started the game I was taken aback at the fun I had running little Tiger tanks over miniature trees. The system isn’t quite foolproof. The game runs from 10pm until midnight Munich time and… Read More

  • Quarter-scale RC tank can pull a car behind it

    Looking for a last-minute gift idea? Here’s a full-working 1/4-sized tank “powered by two, 500 watt 24 volt motors which are so powerful that it can pull a car on a level surface,” according to the Sun. The tank is a six-foot long replica of a German King Tiger, with “a fully working turret and a 2ft long gun with realistic recoil action.” Wow. While you… Read More

  • Incredibly tiny RC helicopter: prototype for Dune Hunter-Killer?

    Fear is the mind-killer. And this thing will kill more than that once the technology is co-opted by the treacherous Harkonnens — or your roommate. This tiny RC copter is available from Thinkgeek for $50 and would work perfectly to administer a dose of lethal poison to a sleeping kwisatz haderach. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time to read you some Dune! Read More

  • Wow: Bottles, an RC car, and the Super Mario theme

    If you’re reading this from the office and you can’t view YouTube videos, you should consider going home on your lunch break to watch this. I’ve seen some cool shit before, but this is some of the coolest shit that ever shat. Nice work, whoever you are. via Geekologie Read More

  • RC controlled by N95

    This is a pretty neat mod from ShakerRacer that uses the N95’s accelerometer via Bluetooth. Are our recent N95 winners willing to rig an RC with Bluetooth and test this out for us? Read More

  • RC a human tonight in NYC

    In case you’re bored tonight around 8:30 PM EST. Imagine being able to control people by telling them what to do, what to say, and where to go. Imagine being able to see and hear the world around them as each new scenario unfolds. With the launch of
    modmylife.com, this strange new brand of entertainment has arrived. Mod My Life Read More

  • Locate and Control Your Whip From Anywhere

    Before the glitz and glamour of the smartphones (I secretly hate) and other cool stuff (crap) I’ve embraced from the gadget/gear world I used to fuss around with cars. Say what you will about the Fast and The Furious hoopla from yesteryear, but modding Civic’s, Jetta’s, Golf’s and old 3-series Beemer’s was a lot of fun. Sure, I wasted a few thousand dollars on… Read More

  • Beverage Buddy Could Be My New Best Friend

    Nothing too fancy here, just a radio-controlled car that looks like a dune buggy — wait — what’s that I see? Two frosty beverages being driven to me? Now that looks like it might be worth buying. Well, it would be worth buying if it wasn’t $49.95, and if I had somebody standing at the fridge that knew what to do when this little guy came rolling up to them without… Read More

  • Micro Mosquito

    We got to take a look at the ultra-cool Micro Mosquito from InterActiveToy on Wednesday and it was really neat. It’s a tiny little RC helicopter with two blades that can hover, making it perfect for Predator drone-like attacks on your fellow office-mates. It worked extremely well but, like all RC helicopters, traversing a New York apartment might be a bit of a challenge. If… Read More