rc car

  • Review: Tonka Ricochet RC Car

    My son has it tough. He comes home from school now and asks if “Anything came from UPS” and most of the time he’s disappointed – just some dumb phone or something. But a few days ago he was pleasantly surprised. Inside a big old box was a Tonka Ricochet RC Car, a remote control car with a few crazy tricks up its sleeve. The car runs on a rechargeable 9.6 volt battery… Read More

  • Via Sony's bio-battery: RC cars can now be powered by sugary drinks

    Sony has been working on the development of efficient bio-batteries since 2007, but the company hasn’t really come close to commercialization so far. The batteries, which exist as prototypes, can be recharged not by using methanol as fuel but glucose. And it makes sense, as a single bowl of rice contains the same energy as 96 AA batteries. And using the bio-battery in real products… Read More

  • Remote Control Lawnmower

    When kids in the midwest get bored, shift happens. Terry decided that he’d like to mold a lawnmower, RC car and wheelchair into one machine to create a remote-control lawnmower. This is what every kid who’s 15 and trying to make a buck during the summer wants. Easy, no-hassle work. You can drive it around with the remote control from the RC car. I wonder if it still requires $100… Read More