Billie, which wants to eliminate the “pink tax,” closes a $6M seed round for its razor subscription service

Billie, a New York-based startup that wants to fight the “pink tax” on goods marketed to women, announced today that it has closed a $6 million seed round. The funding was led by Silverton Partner

Gillette Sues Dollar Shave Club For Alleged Patent Infringement

Gillette announced today that it has filed suit against Dollar Shave Club, seeking both damages and an injunction to stop the startup from selling razors that use allegedly infringing technology. Ac

Shave Like The Ancients Did With The Beluga Razor

As you prepare to apply your Barbasol and your hair pomade while whistling a bit of Benny Goodman, what razor to do you reach for? Do you grab a seven-bladed monstrosity, cast in bright orange plastic

The Bonsai Is A Shaving Accessory That Hopes To Be One Designer’s Contribution To Water Conservation

The Bonsai is gadget with a soul, one that hopes to make a global difference by changing the way we go about an activity many do on a daily basis. It's a shaving accessory, and it's being funded via I

Dollar Shave Club Launches Razor Subscription Service, Raises $1M From Kleiner (And Others)

There are few things in my life that seem less exciting than razors, but a new startup called <a href="http://www.dollarshaveclub.com">The Dollar Shave Club</a> wants to disrupt the market. And it has

Review: Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer

Sometimes exotic dancers fall in love with clients. Likewise, sometimes bloggers buy the products they write about. This is one of those stories (blogging, not exotic dancing). Two weeks ago I wrote a

Wahl electric razor packs lithium ion battery

<img src="http://crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/wahl.jpg" alt="Wahl" />Wahl claims to be the first to the lithium ion party when it comes to electric shavers and on behalf of people who sha

Face Gadgets: Rolling Razor = blades on a ring

I don’t find shaving to be a good use of my time. As such, I use a trimmer every week or so to just clip the little guys down to a manageable, non-itchy length. It’s one of the sad perks o