500px’s new app lets pros edit RAW photos, license their work and find jobs

500px, the photo-sharing service aimed at professional photographers, is today launching a new mobile app aimed at serving the needs of this audience by offering editing tools along with a way to lice

Adobe Lightroom 4.3 Adds Retina Support, New Lens Profiles For Apple iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S

Adobe has released the full version of Lightroom 4.3, which adds some nice new features for Mac fans and Apple aficionados. Previously, Adobe had released a beta version of the update for testing, but

XDepth Raw works as both JPEG and RAW

Interesting. I’ve always wondered when a lossless compression scheme for RAW shots would become popular — there’s already Rawzor, but it’s not the same idea. This XDepth Raw fo

Apple updates digital camera RAW compatibility

Better download 2.2 if you want your camera (if it’s listed) to play nice with Aperture 2 and iPhoto 08.

Apple releases Aperture 2 with 100 features that should have been there before

This news is slightly bittersweet for me, since I just switched to Adobe Lightroom last week, mainly due to the unbelievably sluggish performance of Aperture with even my modest library of images. Now

JPEG XR may offer a fix for DSLR users who need a higher burst rate

I’ve never had a problem with my old Rebel XT’s 3-per-second rapid fire rate. Of course, I’m not a press or sport photographer, and it is kind of annoying that I can only take like 8