• Googlers Buy More Junk Food Than Microsofties (And Why Rapleaf Is Creepy)

    If you weren’t creeped out by data-mining startup Rapleaf after reading about their ways in a relatively unsettling Wall Street Journal article published last October (“The San Francisco startup says it has 1 billion e-mail addresses in its database”), chances are you will be now. For its latest ‘study’, Rapleaf has tapped its database of identifiable information… Read More

  • The Unwelcome Return of Platform Dependencies

    The Unwelcome Return of Platform Dependencies

    Editor’s Note: The following guest post is written by a Silicon Valley CEO. Frank Dupree is a pen name In the late 1990s, the rise of the browser was supposed to usher in an era of unprecedented opportunity for startups. A great part of that increased opportunity came as a result of the significant reduction in platform dependencies. No longer did the users’ operating system… Read More

  • As Twitter Continues To Grow, Popular Users Widen The Gap

    Twitter keeps on growing like a weed, and there seems to be no stopping the much-hyped, heavily scrutinized Silicon Valley startup in its quest to turn its popular micro-sharing service into a veritable pulse of the planet. Twitter passed 50 million unique visitors worldwide in July, according to comScore, reaching 51.6 million UVs at the end of the month. But its biggest increase in… Read More

  • Streakr Search Makes Social Networks Bare All

    Vivek, over at Startup Squad, recently discovered a new social network and social networking meta search engine, Streakr. The main URL still says the site is coming soon. The new engine lets you search the profiles on the major networks (MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, and Facebook) as well at it’s own social network. It appears to be a hook to draw people into their main service, like Wink did… Read More

  • Gorb: Taking Personal Reputation To A New Low

    Online reputation online is a fascinating area, partially because eBay, through their feedback score, is the only company to have reached scale. Startups like Rapleaf and iKarma are still young and struggling. Perhaps their flaw has been in taking the high road, and going out of their way to ensure that reputational feedback is being left by verified identities. New startup Gorb, which I… Read More

  • Stalk Your Contact List with UpScoop

    Today, the reputation network Rapleaf is releasing a new service called Upscoop, which joins a number of startups (see ProfileLinker and Wink, for example) trying to add a meta layer above social networks. There are a lot of these networks, and a lot of people belong to more than one. Keeping track of your own networks, and those of your friends, is complicated. Upscoop is designed to help… Read More

  • eBay Bans Rapleaf Links

    Rapleaf is a new feedback and reputation startup that aims to be the open version of eBay feedback. For more information, see my initial profile and launch post. Rapleaf is a product that I strongly endorse and believe in (and I asked for something like this last year in this post). In what I see as a good sign for Rapleaf, eBay appears to be selectively removing listings from sellers who point… Read More

  • Rapleaf is Now Live

    Rapleaf’s open feedback system (more about it here) went live late Saturday night, and already has hundreds of users who’ve left thousands of feedback posts on others. CEO Auren Hoffman promises the APIs for the core Rapleaf functions sometime this week, so expect to see Rapleaf mashups very soon. Users can pull their “reputation box” via a code snippet and post it on… Read More

  • Rapleaf to Challenge Ebay Feedback

    eBay’s feedback system is, arguably, their most valuable asset. It provides the grease necessary to make complete strangers comfortable enough to buy and sell from each other. But it’s a closed system – only eBay transactions can affect a user’s feedback score. And as much as eBay doesn’t like it, these users (and more) buy and sell stuff through services other… Read More