RapidMiner Picks Up $15M More To Scale Its ‘Business Source’ Data Analytics Service

This week, RapidMiner announced that it has raised a $15 million Series B round of capital. The company had previously raised a total of $5 million, bringing its total capital tally to $20 million. Th

RapidMiner Adds Streams To Bring Real Time To Its Big Data Processing

RapidMiner announced their new Streams service today to enable customers to capture streams of data and process it in real time. RapidMiner presidentĀ Michele Chambers explained thisĀ could be particu

RapidMiner Scoops Up Radoop For Hadoop Analytics Processing

RapidMiner, a big data analytics startup, purchased former partner Radoop, giving it Hadoop processing and access to the Radoop team's Hadoop expertise. They did not share the purchase price. Rapid

German Predictive Analytics Startup Rapid-I Rebrands As RapidMiner, Takes $5M From Open Ocean, Earlybird To Tackle The U.S. Market

Rapid-I -- a German specialist in analytics tools that wants to become the industry standard for how enterprises predict the future -- is today announcing its first round of funding, a rebrand to <a t