random endorsement

The random endorsement: Regular buttons (touch-based ones are dumb)

Who here likes buttons? Like, honest-to-God buttons that you push and then something happens? I do. It’s one of the reasons why I’m fairly nonplussed by the iPhone. (All the pre-launch THI

The random endorsement, All About Linux 2008 edition: Open Source Software

[photopress:endorse032608.jpg,full,right] Continuing with this week’s festival do Linux, I’ll be endorsing open source software today. Not so random, no. Only software that’s free as

The random endorsement: George Foreman Grill

[photopress:endorsement031908.jpg,full,right] We’re endorsing the George Foreman Grill today. This is how I spend my spring break. Before using the GFG, I didn’t know how to cook. After us

The random endorsement: Digital SLRs (or why point-and-shoots are a waste of time)

[photopress:endorse030508.jpg,full,right] There wasn’t an endorsement last week—frowny face—because head whip cracker Biggs had me write that cute Usenet primer. As a result, one of

The random endorsement: XM Satellite Radio (or, why regular radio stinks)

[photopress:endorse022008.jpg,full,right] In about two hours I will be watching either Manchester United tear apart Olympique Lyon or Barcelona and its Fantastic Four give Celtic a lesson in… lo

The random endorsement: Nifty little Mac apps

[photopress:endorse021308.jpg,full,right] Back to tech today. Well, software. Whatever. It was raining hard and windy and I dropped my umbrella in a garbage by accident earlier. I’m not kidding*

The random endorsement: The New York Football Giants

[photopress:endorse020608.jpg,full,right] Watch this video first. Listen to the words, man. /me Clears throat. /sings 18 and 0 (18 and 0) one more to go (one more to go), SuperBoooooooooowl. Patriots

The random endorsement: surround sound

[photopress:endorsess.jpg,full,right] Big deal, Kennedy endorsed Obama. Today I endorse surround sound and I fully expect sales to increase one million fold. Yes, after a brief hiatus in which I spent

The random endorsement: Wikipedia

There was controversy when I endorsed the movie “Once” last week, primarily because some folks (where “some folks” is defined as one of my friends) argued that movie reviews ha

The random endorsement: the movie "Once"

Well, well, I’ve just been giving permission to expand my “Random Endorsement” column beyond the world of tech. That’s fantastic news for everyone, because, if you couldn&#8217

The random endorsement: umbrellas

After throwing Peter under the bus last week with my random endorsement defending e-books, I felt it was necessary to return the random endorsement to its roots. That is, giving me an opportunity to t

The random endorsement: e-books (and anyone who disagrees is an imbecile)

This endorsement is by no means random. It is a direct challenge to one of the many well thought out theses put forward by Peter Ha in his terrific Kindle review: I’ll be the first to admit that e-b

The random endorsement: you, our readers

Like I said last week, my random endorsement column will be a little unorthodox sometimes. It won’t be all Product A is great, I endorse it. No, sirs. Today I endorse you all, the CrunchGear rea

The random endorsement: iPod nano

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