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  • Primo Toys rolls out Cubetto, a wooden robot that teaches kids to code

    A startup called Primo Toys today began online and retail sales of its latest educational product, the Cubetto, a programmable wooden robot for kids as young as 3. The London startup, which is a graduate of the PCH Highway 1 accelerator and backed by Randi Zuckerberg, promises families and educators a screen-free way to teach coding basics to kids who can’t yet read or write. Retailing… Read More

  • There’s A Difference Between Private And Personal

    There’s A Difference Between Private And Personal

    While most of us were enjoying the holidays with our families all over the world, someone who is related to the CEO of Facebook posted a photo of her family to friends, and then some journalist person downloaded it and tweeted it. There’s a real difference between something being private and something being personal. And that, as the aforementioned incident highlights, is a notion that a… Read More