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Rand Paul And Chris Christie Spar Over NSA Surveillance

Last night, Fox News hosted one of the most ridiculous, deeply entertaining GOP Presidential debates I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing a drinking game to.¬†In the midst of the Moscow Mules,

We’re About To Find Out How Long Rand Paul Can Talk About The NSA

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been rambling on the Senate floor about National Security Agency surveillance for three hours and counting. In a pseudo-filibuster, the presidential candidate has tak

Rand Paul Appoints Bitcoin-Friendly Overstock CEO To Tech Counsel

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has appointed Overstock.com CEO Patrick Bryne to his tech counsel, a group that includes Michele Weslander Quaid of Google, and Brandon Hudgeons of Schoox and will help shape the

Meet The New Comprehensive NSA Reform Package That Could Actually Pass

With growing animosity toward the government's massive spying programs, some reform is going to pass. Yesterday, a bi-partisan group of senior members of Congress <a target="_blank" href="http://www.