Workday acquires Rallyteam to fuel machine learning efforts

Sometimes you acquire a company for the assets and sometimes you do it for the talent. Today Workday announced it was buying Rallyteam, a San Francisco startup that helps companies keep talented emplo

Rallyteam raises $8.6 million to keep employees at companies

How can companies stop the best employees from leaving? Money. A good corporate culture. But some people are dissatisfied with the skills they're gaining in their roles. Rallyteam has found that talen

Rallyteam Helps Companies Foster And Retain Talent

Many businesses these days struggle to retain their employees -- and especially the millennials who are now entering the workforce. Instead of just a stable paycheck, many now look for a bit more in t

Introducing The Disrupt SF 2014 Startup Battlefield

We're excited to introduce you to a remarkable group of companies participating in this year's Startup Battlefield. The Battlefield serves to showcase the best and most promising early-stage startups