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Hook your investors with the perfect summary slide

We'll look at great examples of summary slides from the TechCrunch Pitch Deck Teardown series and detail what needs to go on the slide.

Fundraising 101: How to trigger FOMO among VCs

Let’s go beyond the high-level fundraising advice that fills VC blogs. If you have a compelling business and have educated yourself on crafting a pitch deck and getting warm intros to VCs, there are

Dorm Room Fund has built a CRM for founders raising a seed round

First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund just released VCWiz, a tool to help founders find investors and raise money from them. The platform is one part VC directory and one part CRM tool, essential

How I Raised A $1 Million Seed Round When I Was 9 Months Pregnant

The last time I needed a doctor’s note was in elementary school. That was, until last September -- I needed a note from my OBGYN proving I was only 31-and-a-half weeks pregnant so I could board a pl