Rainforest Raises $4M To Build Scalable QA

Quality assurance testing is a problem that can quickly escalate beyond the resources of startups and often requires entire divisions at larger companies. It's increasingly easy to build apps with mor

Can Upcycled Smartphones Help Stop Illegal Rainforest Logging?

The world has an e-waste problem. And a climate change problem. So it would be fittingly neat if e-waste, in the form of old smartphones, could be put to work combating climate change by helping to pr

Rainforest Launches On Demand Service That Uses API To Spin Up QA Testers For Web Sites And Apps

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.rainforestqa.com">Rainforest</a>, a Y Combinator company, has developed an on-demand service that runs functional tests against a crowd of people through Mechani