New Drobo Mini Hard Drive Now Comes With SSDs, Ruggedized Flash Array

Connected Data announced the latest addition to its extensive family of external storage devices: the portable, rugged and expandable Drobo Mini with Solid-State Drives (SSD).

St. Dupont “Service Without Fail” RAID Watch

<img src="">Here is some serious French testosterone in a watch. Made for or influenced by the special, elite operat

Proactive RAID monitoring from your iPhone

<img src="" />As a full-time systems administrator, it's important to me to keep an eye on the servers and hardware I manage. Page

Review: iStoragePro iT4UFER and a contest

<img src="" alt="iT4UFER" title="iT4UFER" />Storage is cheap, and just keeps getting cheaper. I remember buying my first 250 <em>megaby

CrunchDeals: 2TB network drive with built-in USB print server for $299 after $60 mail-in rebate

Wow. I kinda wish I had $300 to burn and enough crap to put on this thing because a two-terabyte network drive with a built-in USB print server might look nice sitting betwixt my router and printer. B

I can't tell if this HDD rack is awesome or budget

It’s a hard drive rack. You puts your hard drives in the cases, and it stores your datas on the disks. Is hard to understand? Yes, maybe, if there is a switch that lets you choose the RAID mode

LaCie big boxin' it with the 5Big RAID NAS

LaCie, no stranger to the storage game, is putting out a unique-looking and high-capacity RAID network-attached storage box. It’ll hold up to 7.5TB at the moment, which is a huge amount but look

Western digital gets into the RAID backup game

I’m sure there are plenty of WD hard drives in RAID configurations all around the world, but now they’re stepping into the arena for reals with a consumer-oriented RAID array. They’r

NewerTech's "green" RAID storage solution

There are a million storage solutions out there, from your run-of-the-mill WD external to the increasingly popular multi-drive, RAID setups like NewerTech’s and Drobo. How does this so-called &#

Drobo Review: Frickin' Awesome

Drobo: Small device, big storage I personally use a lot of storage. Every year, I find myself buying yet another 200GB external hard drive because my iTunes library is swelling or I’ve pirated e

Drobo Is A Robot With A RAID-Array

Meet Drobo. He’s a robot and although he doesn’t look like one, he certainly can do plenty of robot-like things. The device comes with four separate drive bays and can intelligently contro

TiVo Series 3 Modded to 1TB

If the 250GB of storage on your Series 3 TiVo isn’t enough – those HD recordings really suck up space – a guy on the Tivocommunity forums has devised a way to grow your puny storage