• The Internet Is Now Part Of The Crime Scene

    The Internet Is Now Part Of The Crime Scene

    Elliot Rodger, a young man with some horrible ideas and serious mental problems, killed at least six people in Santa Barbara. He left pages of digital photos and hours of video detailing his pain and his envy. In the voice of an entitled boy not given what he wants, he talks about being alone while others are together. He became a misogynist through his own twisted self-reflection. Now his… Read More

  • id Software's Rage Has A Release Date: September 13, 2011

    I don’t care if we’re late to the party on this one or not: Rage, id’s next fancy graphics engine masked as a game (I kid!), and one being ported to the iPhone, will be released in North America on September 13, 2011. Yes, I initially interpreted that as, “What?! It’s coming out next month? Oh, wait, 2011. Sigh.” And just a friendly reminder: you’ve… Read More

  • QuakeCon: Carmack Has Rage Running At 60 Frames Per Second On The iPhone. Whoa.

    Am I QuakeCon this year? No, of course not because that would have actually been fun. But I do know this: John Carmack just announced that he’s got the Rage engine running on an iPhone. At 60 frames per second, no less. Ridiculous, yes. Read More

  • Rage Wireless Guitar recalled for acid leaks

    57,000 Rage Wireless Guitars were sold to date and now the Chinese-made Guitar Hero axe is being recalled. Allegedly, if an user installs the AA batteries incorrectly, a circuit board malfunctions causing acid to leak and the world to implode. Owners are asked to return the dangerous guitars to the original place of purchase for a full refund. Maybe you can apply $40 to $60 refund to… Read More