RadVision Finally Finds A Home With Telecom Giant Avaya — For $230 Million

<a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2011/12/15/amidst-advanced-acquisition-talks-radvision-extends-its-video-solutions-to-smbs-shares-tumble/">Back in December</a>, we reported that Israeli-headquart

Amidst ‘Advanced’ Acquisition Talks, RadVision Extends Its Video Solutions To SMBs; Shares Tumble

Well, it's been an interesting last few weeks (and last few years, for that matter) for Israeli-headquartered video-conferencing specialist, <a href="http://www.radvision.com/">RadVision</a>. Acquisit

The Challenges Of Tomorrow's Multimedia As Seen Through The Eyes Of Google, Yahoo, Nokia And Others

<img src="https://beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/multimedia-grand-challenge-2009.png" alt="" />Part of this year's <a href="http://www.acmmm09.org/default.aspx">ACM Multimedia</a> conf