• RadioShack Combines Promos To Offer The iPhone 4S (AT&T) On The Cheap

    RadioShack Combines Promos To Offer The iPhone 4S (AT&T) On The Cheap

    So you missed out on getting the new iPhone 4S when it came out. Worse, all your friends got the new Apple flagship and make fun of your 3GS at every possible opportunity. Plus, all the holiday shopping you’ve been doing has made it nearly impossible to afford the 4S without giving up every shred of financial responsibility. If that description fits you, even a little bit, then rise… Read More

  • RadioShack’s Trade-In Program May Just Get You A Free iPhone 4S

    RadioShack’s Trade-In Program May Just Get You A Free iPhone 4S

    RadioShack has a trade-in program for used gadgets that (circumstances permitting) may just save you quite a bit on an iPhone 4S. Even better, if you trade in a undamaged 32GB iPhone 4 (scratch free, no battery issues, etc.), you’ll get enough store credit back from RadioShack to purchase a 16GB iPhone 4S and still have money to burn. Well, not burn so much as spend on accessories or… Read More

  • Sprint-Bound HTC EVO 3D Nabs FCC Approval

    The HTC EVO 3D is possibly one of the most anticipated phones of the summer, and both Sprint and HTC have done an excellent job of teasing out its launch date. Thanks to a RadioShack flyer discovered a few days ago, we were pretty certain the 3D-capable smartphone would hit shelves on June 24. Today, however, we’ve been given a little extra confirmation that the smartphone is on its… Read More

  • The iPad 2 To "Be Available At 500 RadioShack Locations" Tomorrow

    Yay for easily-confirmed Internet rumors! MacRumors just posted a photo claiming to come from a RadioShack internal memo, which states 500 retail locations will start selling the iPad 2 on March 29th. That’s tomorrow if you happen to be reading this the day I hit the publish button. This comes as a bit of a surprise as a RadioShack has yet to officially announce iPad 2 plans even… Read More

  • RadioShack looking for a buyer, possibly Best Buy

    We could be looking at the end of RadioShack, boys and girls. The company is said to be exploring a strategic partnership, or outright sale, possibly to Best Buy. I don’t see why Best Buy would be interested: what does RadioShack sell that’s either A) not already available or B) entirely too niche for its Wal-Mart approach to selling consumer electronics? Read More

  • The Shack to sell the Palm Pre for $150 this weekend

    Didja hear that RadioShack is rebranding? The hoopla will of course include some sales to drive traffic. Apparently the Pre will be part of this upcoming sale and will be only $150 for new customers. Nice. Read More

  • Yeah, RadioShack is turning into the Shack

    So RadioShack is now the Shack. They’re also going to put a huge laptop in New York and one in San Fran. You’ll be able to chat with people on these laptops. Homeless people will eventually pee on both. Read More

  • RadioShack stores now accepting trade-ins of old gadgets

    Good for RadioShack. All 4400 stores are now drop-off locations for the company’s trade-in program, which sounds like a natural fit. Previous gadget trade-in programs generally involve sending your gear away to a random website where you just *know* that you will not get in return what the website advertises. Now you just head to your local ‘Shack and the associate determines… Read More

  • RadioShack to sell 3G Aspire One for $99 with AT&T

    And the subsidization of 3G-equipped netbooks starts to slowly take shape here in the US. Starting Sunday, RadioShack will be selling the Acer Aspire One for $99 with a two-year contract from AT&T at $60 per month for 5GB of high speed data. If $60 sounds like a lot to be paying for 5GB of wireless data each month, it is (if you ask me). Maybe you could wait for future offerings with… Read More

  • RadioShack Schools You In HDTV

    Tired of explaining to your friends and family about how they can watch “the big game” in high definition on their new HDTV? My advice is to ignore their questions and send them a link to this video HDTV explainer from Terry Schussler, a RadioShack store manager in California. It’s also a bit of an advertisement for Monster Cables (which you can find at your local RadioShack! Read More