Weavix, a startup developing ‘smart’ radios for frontline workers, raises $23.6M

Do frontline workers — workers providing essential services like healthcare — use radios? They once did. But with the advent of affordable smartphones and service, radios have slowly, stea

ICZ-R50: Sony Shows New Radio Recorder

<img src="" /> I wasn't <em>really</em> aware big electronics companies are still making portable radios, but they do. Today, Sony <

Review: Myine Ira Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Short Version: This good-looking, small internet radio receiver has the potential to fit right in with your home audio equipment. But those looking for a portable streaming audio device will want to l

Sonoro crystal radio (Har har!)

Why would Germans bling up a clock radio? We don’t know, but this $2,500 monstrosity can be yours provided you suffer from brain damage. Sonoro Audio, a German designer of high-end audio product

CrunchDeals: HD radio for $39.99 after $50 rebate

Remember high-definition radio? It’s still around. If you want to experience high-definition radio, now’s your chance. The iLuv i68 HD Radio with Dual Alarm Clock can be yours for only $39.99 afte

CES 2008: Odd gear out

[photopress:IMG_0445.JPG,full,center] My favorite thing to do at the show is hit the odd retailers who sell the crazy junk we all know and love from Sharper Image, Brookstone, et al along with the stu

Great Outdoors: In Car Diversions

We all spend too much time in our cars and a summer drive can turn into a nightmare with the right mix of traffic, heat, and gas prices. There are industries built around making our in-car time more p

CrunchGear Boooring Edition: MOTOTRBO 2-Way Radios

::Yawn:: Welcome folks. Today we have some, ah, stunning 2-way radios / walkie talkies from Motorola that are dubbed MOTOTRBO. These industrial-grade radios sport both an analog and digital band and h

Eton Self Powered Radio

Most of the larger booths at CES probably pull more electricity than is used by a small city. But even if you’re not one of those “green” types, you have to admit the idea of saving a little bit