With no cars being sold, Sirius XM turns to iPhone to promote itself

<img src="" />Now that nobody on planet Earth is buying cars anymore, Sirius XM has to find a new way to promote itself to would-be buyers

Pay-for-play comes to Internet radio

<img src="" width="214" height="138" /> When it comes to promoting new music, pay-for-play schemes are generally frowned upon.

Whoa, Sirius XM could file for bankruptcy ‘within days’

<img src="" />This doesn't look good. The <a HREF="">Times is reporting

Bored scientists create radio-controlled beetles

<img src="" />Nope, your eyes aren't broken or anything: that's a beetle with a circuit board snapped into place. It's the DARPA-funded <

StarPlayr: You'll soon be able to listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone

<img src="" />Fancy listening to Backspin on your iPhone? Or maybe you'd like to hear the comedy stylings of Christian Jimmy on The Virus?

Confirmed, again: Sirius XM to charge for online streaming starting on March 11

<img src="" />We've had confirmation of <a HREF="">Sirius XM pric

A portable HD Radio for your troubles, sir?

<img src="" /> This is the portable radio that's supposed to rescue HD Radio from obscurity. It was <a HREF="

Backspin's old school hip hop coming back to Sirius XM this month

<img src="" /> Old school hip-hop is <a HREF="">coming back</a> to Sirius XM after having been <a HREF="h

What happens to satellite radio when Howard Stern calls it quits?

Flickr’d Sirius’ Howard Stern made a strange comment yesterday that’s causing people to freak out, speculating wildly till they pass out. Discussing his possible plans vis-à-vis [sa

The White Fruit Radio looks nice (too bad radio is dead)

While the radio business may be finished—CBS Radio, no one is going to suffer through commercials to listen to pre-selected, cookie-cutter music when they have a perfectly viable iPod in their p

Sanyo Internet Radio: It can connect to the Internet

The SANYO R227 will make your life easier by finding you the stations you want to listen to while you pretend to work. As Sanyo’s vice president, Tom Van Voy states, the device needs no tetherin

The DIY 3-penny radio

It’s hard to hate on this DIY three penny radio. It’s so simple to make, nearest I can tell, that even someone who has minimal soldering experience should be able to put it together. There

Sirius XM ad in USA Today portends future channel line-up

Hi-res version here This scan from last Friday’s USA Today (yes, I know that’s “ancient” in Internet time, but that’s all we’ve got) sheds some light on just what Sirius XM

Internet radio on a stick from Aluratek

Most of you who read this site are savvy enough to figure out internet radio for yourselves but for the other 90% of the world, here’s Aluratek’s USB Internet Radio Jukebox. It’s pretty much how

Kevin Mitnick explains his travel ordeal on Off the Hook radio show

Future NFL Hall of Famer Kevin Mitnick was on WBAI’s Off the Hook radio show last night, and he explained his travel horror when going from Bogotá to Atlanta. An MP3 version of the show was jus

Garmin drops new VHF marine radios

You might want to consider adding these VHF radios to your economic apocalypse gear and as your going to need to communicate with your fishing buddies as you’re fleeing the Wall Street zombies

New device should provide far more accurate radio ratings

Old habits die not very easily, which is what makes the introduction of Arbitron’s new Portable People Meter so fascinating. The device is what Arbitron will use to measure radio ratings in the

Sirius XM's Mel Karmazin says interoperable radios here in less than 9 months

Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin said yesterday that he expects interoperable radios (that is, radio that can receive both Sirius and XM, full-on) in less than nine months. (The FCC gave the combined compan

FCC to approve XM-Sirius merger

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the XM-Sirius merger has been given the tentative OK by the FCC. Deborah Taylor Tate, the final FCC commissioner to cast a vote, is expected to vote in favor

Listen to XM radio on your iPhone with uXM

Ron and Fez, noon to 3pm This is pretty cool, and I hate damn near everything. It’s an application for jailbroken iPhones (and iPod touches) called uXM that lets you listen to XM Satellite Radio
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