Gooood Morning, Nerdinam: FlipZu Makes You An Instant Broadcaster

You, too, can be just like Hard Harry, dropping the truth on your neatly manicured suburban hellhole from the privacy of your sweat-stinking bedroom. Tell the man off. Rail against the principals. Get

Radio and Records: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

<img src=""> The Internet, wireless technology, evolving consumer trends and other factors have merged into a perfect storm putting

Welcome To The U.S.! What Spotify Can Expect When It Arrives

<img src=""> I just read that <a href="">Spotify</a> is <a href="

Ex-AOL Content Chief Bill Wilson Brings His Niche Media Strategy And Old Crew To Radio

<img src=""> When <a href="">Bill Wilson</a> was in charge of content at AOL, he launch

Amidst Howard Stern Negotiations & Numerous Talent Firings, The Question Becomes: Where Are You Going, Sirius XM?

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Sirius XM</a> appears to be at a bit of a crossroads. Howard Stern, argua

Sony Japan busts out cassette(!)/radio/CD-player combo

<img src="" /> It's not a joke: Today, Sony in Japan <em>did</em> <a href="">a

AS-iP70: Kenwood's iPhone/iPod-compatibe 7-inch "multimedia system"

<img src="" /> Kenwood Japan has <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the AS-iP

Sirius XM proves its worth this week with Winter Music Conference broadcasts

<img src="" />There's one week per year that there's reason to listen to <a HREF="">Sirius XM

Panasonic's new "Stereo D-Dock" is slim, supports iPhones and iPods

<img src="" /> Panasonic in Japan has <a href="

Thanko USB Radio tunes in horse races, presumably Tokyo

<img src="" />Thanko, everyone's favorite crapvendor, is offering a short wave/AM/FM radio that plugs right into your PC for max

HD Radio gets smaller, more popular

<img src="" />Get ready, 2010 might just end up being the year of HD radio. Rumor is that we're going to see something like eight new po

Spooky Tesla Radio in a jar

<img src="" align="left">This fun little DIY device is labeled as a "crystal radio circuit in a jam-jar." But that descri

‘Hold your wee for a Wii’ family gets $16.5 million recompense

'Twas more than two years ago when some dopey radio show in California held a “<a HREF="">hold your w

Wait, wait, don't tell me. NPR has its own radio.

<img src="">If you're like me and love Car Talk, but don't actually have a radio, you probably listen to NPR over the internet. If yo

The Pure Sensia touchscreen radio has built-in Facebook, Twitter widgets

<img src="" />Now this is the type of radio a fancy gentleman would use. It's the latest PURE Sensia, a touchscreen European radio tha

iFM Radio Browser from Griffin Technology

<img src="" /><a href="" target="_blank">Griffin Technology</a> released a new iPhone app today cal

Pandora teams up with record labels: Wants regular radio to pay music fees too

<img src="" /> The enemy of my enemy, right? Pandora, the Internet darling that lets users stream music for a newly nominal fee, h

I did my part to help out radio today

<img src="" />It's no secret that I think the radio business is doomed, and that “kids today” are more likely to listen to music via

Minimalist radio has no buttons or switches

<img src="" />Created as a design experiment, the Radio Valerie is one of the sleekest radios you can find. Missing all the usual

Time Machine Radio: Enter the past

<img src="" />The Time Machine Radio lets you go back in time and listen to those old songs which will bring up <s
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