• Google’s ATAP is bringing its Project Soli radar sensor to smartwatches and speakers

    Google’s ATAP is bringing its Project Soli radar sensor to smartwatches and speakers

    Every year at I/O, Google’s ATAP division, which is responsible for turning some of the company’s crazier ideas into products, organizes its own small keynote. This year, the company offered updates on a number of projects, including Project Soli, its attempt at building a very small radar sensor that can translate hand movements into digital signals for building new user… Read More

  • TrapTap maps speed traps and more

    TrapTap maps speed traps and more

    TrapTap, which has raised over $200,000 on Kickstarter with about a week to go, alerts drivers to speed traps, school zones, speed zones, and red light cameras by blinking red, green, or blue. But it’s not a radar detector; it’s more like connected car training wheels. TrapTap says it has mapped every school zone and red light camera in 60 countries. You stick the little round puck… Read More

  • Google And Amazon Talk About Managing Drone Traffic At CES

    Google And Amazon Talk About Managing Drone Traffic At CES

    Figuring out how to manage drone traffic over the United States to allow for drone delivery services and other drone-based service is going to be critical if Amazon and Google ever want to deliver packages to the backyards of their customers. Earlier this week, Amazon’s VP of Global Public Policy Paul Misener and Dave Vos, Google’s lead of Project Wing, as well as… Read More

  • DIY: Make Your Own TSA Scanner

    Curious about exactly how the TSA manages to see you naked? Well, the actual technology is pretty high end (and proprietary), but it is possible to come up with something close. The process is quite complicated, and the person who worked out the process hasn’t documented it completely, but you can get the basic idea from the video after the jump. Read More

  • Radar Aims To Match Bands With Music Video Directors

    Today sees the launch of Radar Music Videos, a platform that enables artists, bands and music labels to commission music videos from established and upcoming directors. The site, which has been in Beta for just over a year, is entirely bootstrapped by ex-BBC producer Caroline Bottomley and is already cash-positive. That’s thanks to a business model that shuns free or freemium in favor… Read More

  • Radar Locates The Deadpool On May 26

    Not that it should be a big surprise to anyone, but Radar, the social photo sharing site is entering the deadpool. An email sent out to users over the weekend confirms that May 26 at noon Pacific Time will be the end. As I said, this shouldn’t surprise anyone considering that Shutterly bought Radar parent Tiny Pictures back in September of last year. Shutterfly is much, much larger… Read More

  • Shutterfly Buys Tiny Pictures For A Tiny Price

    After raising a total of $11.2 million since its founding in 2005, Tiny Pictures sold to Shutterfly on Friday for $1.3 million in cash and another $1.3 million in restricted stock to employees, which has some performance triggers. If you back out the earnout, investors only got back about a tenth of what they put in. Those investors include Mohr Davidow, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and angel… Read More

  • Cannonball Run ready Audi R8 'Blackbird'

    This isn’t Burt Reynolds car. There are so many gadgets seamless built into this Audi R8 that it blows our, and Alex Roy’s, mind. If there ever was a car built specifically for underground, coast-to-coast, high-speed racing, this is it. Kind of makes you wonder if it was built to beat Roy’s 31 hour, 4 minute New York to Santa Monica Pier run. What we think is the… Read More

  • Blaupunkt's new GPS devices include police radar data?

    [photopress:blaupunkt_travelpilot_300.jpg,full,center] Blaupunkt, on of my favorite brands to type, dropped three new on-dash GPS systems today, the TravelPiot series. Retailing at between $275 and $600, the series includes Windows CE, touchscreens, and SD card readers. They come pre-loaded with maps of western Europe, but we’re sure the American version will have western America… Read More

  • Gamedar: The ability to spot gamers

    November 7, 2007. On that day the word “gamedar” was born. Much like “radar,” or its second cousin once removed “gaydar,” “gamedar” refers to someone’s ability to spot a gamer. One need not be a gamer to possess gamedar, like how one need not be a football player to know that this year’s Patriots are The Truth. Were you blessed… Read More

  • Radar Turns Mobile Pictures Into Conversation Starters

    There are plenty of mobile apps that let you snap a picture and share it with your friends or the world—Zannel, Umundo, Mocospace, Pikki, MobyPicture, Yahoo Go—but one that does an especially good job at just sharing pictures among your friends is Radar. The service is run by Tiny Pictures, a San Francisco startup that has raised $4 million from Mohr Davidow Ventures. Whenever… Read More