• Nasty Lawsuit Between Radar Networks And A Very Upset Investor

    Nasty Lawsuit Between Radar Networks And A Very Upset Investor

    There’s a nasty, and very personal, lawsuit in progress between Radar Networks and a jilted investor, Kate Paley (daughter of CBS icon William Paley). The defendants include founder Nova Spivack, the company that eventually acquired Radar Networks (Evri) as well as investors Steve Hall, Ross Levinsohn and Baris Kardogan. The company, known by most through it’s product Twine, was… Read More

  • Evri Acquires Radar Networks In Semantic Search Consolidation

    After shopping itself around to all the major search engines, Radar Networks finally found a buyer in another semantic search startup. Today, Evri is announcing that it will be acquiring Radar Networks, along with its core technical team and its main product, Twine. Rumors surfaced yesterday on ReadWriteWeb that Evri was being acquired, but that is not the case. Evri is the acquirer. Read More

  • Bing, Google, And The Enigmatic T2: The Race For A Complete Semantic Search Engine

    Yesterday, Bing released a surprisingly useful new feature around recipe search. If you search for “Chicken,” you can narrow the results down by “chicken recipes” and then a whole bunch of new filtering options appear down the left-hand column. You can further narrow results by recipe rating, cuisine (vegetarian, Spanish, Southwestern), convenience (quick/easy… Read More

  • Sneak Peek At T2, Twine's Semantic Search Engine

    Extracting meaning from the Web is huge project that is very difficult to do at large scale. Keyword search only skims the surface of meaning locked in Web pages. Various semantic search technologies try to go deeper by adding structured data to web pages so that the Web can be treated more like a database. But adding semantic metadata to the Web is laborious and time-consuming. Just look… Read More

  • Twine: "We Organize That Shit."

    A year after launching its beta, Twine opened up today to the general public with a completely redesigned site. The relaunch got lots of coverage. Maybe you read some of it. Even if you did, you probably still don’t know what Twine does. Some semantic shit, right? Exactly. Twine’s marketing department made the video above as a joke for their staff meeting today. (Warning: Turn… Read More

  • Is Keyword Search About To Hit Its Breaking Point?

    As the Web swells with more and more data, the predominant way of sifting through all of that data—keyword search—will one day break down in its ability to deliver the exact information we want at our fingertips. In fact, some argue that keyword search is already delivering diminishing returns—as the slide above by Nova Spivack implies. Spivack is the CEO and founder of… Read More

  • Twine Launches A Smarter Way To Organize Your Online Life

    Radar Networks, the not-so-secret stealth startup, is finally unveiling its site, dubbed Twine. Twine is targeted straight at groupware and knowledge-management apps that have mostly been confined to enterprise installations, and opening that up to a broader base of consumers. The startup has raised $5 million from Paul Allen, Peter Rip, Ron Conway in April, 2006, and has done work for… Read More