Formula E says third-gen vehicle will be the world’s most efficient race car

Formula E has announced what it claims is the planet's most efficient race car. Teams will use the third-generation (Gen3) electric car in the 2022-23 season and can start testing it in the spring.

Drone Racing League raises a $20M Series B ahead of its 2nd season

Drone Racing League has closed on $20M in Series B funding, led by U.K telecommunications company Sky, Liberty Media Corporation (which owns the Formula 1 racing brand) and Lux Capital. This new fundi

Mario Andretti vs. semi-autonomous tech on the track

On Saturday, May 13, famed race car driver Mario Andretti will be back on the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This time, he’ll be racing one guy: Sam Schmidt, a quadriplegic race car drive

Nine manufacturers set for 2018 Formula E season

Formula E announced the nine manufacturers that will race electric cars in seasons five, six, and seven. You may think this is no big whoop, but it is. Here’s why the whoop is big: beginning in

Formula E grows, gains cred

This morning, Faraday Future Dragon Racing unveiled its livery for the third season of the Formula E all-electric open-wheel racing series in Hong Kong. The car’s black-and-white fade pattern ec

Is Formula E the future of racing?

There are only two races left in Formula E’s second season, making this as good a time as any to review whether electric racing is the future of motor sports. I tend to think it is the future, but

Faraday Future: “Tesla Model 3 is fantastic news.”

Nick Sampson, head of the startup electric vehicle company Faraday Future, spent a busy day as the title sponsor of the Faraday Future Long Beach ePrix April 2. I interviewed him standing up in the

Sega Rally Arcade Machine Mashed Up With Remote Control Cars For Real Racing Robotics

Sega Rally at the arcade was a blast when I was growing up. But Portuguese hardware hacker Luis Sobral and robotics company Artica made it even better by introducing remote controlled cars into the m

Tissot Racing-Touch Watch

<img src="">For the last few years we have gotten a new Tissot T-Touch style watch each year. Last year it was the Tissot Sailing

Behold: The Ultimate Racing Game Simulator

This is what happens when you let a bunch of engineers play with robots: you get things like the “Motion Cueing Design and Experimental Validation” machine. Roughly translated, this is the

Rat Rod bikes – the bicycle as art?

<img src="" />Living in Nevada, I get to see all kinds of art projects on the road as Burning Man approaches. I will admit h

MaxRoam goes A1!

MaxRoam, everyone’s favorite roaming service run by a charming and personable Irishman, is sponsoring an A1 racecar and will probably be offering drunken “donut rides” to bloggers on

Video: Video game effects meet F1 racing

<img src="">Every year there are new rules and regulation for <a href="">Formula One</a> racing and

Trackstar 6000 USB racing setup for serious drivers

If you really, really like racing games, you could plunk down a couple hundred bucks for a good wheel and pedal set made of plastic and rubber or you could really let everyone know that you’re serio

Portable TVs to be used at F1 races for real-time video

I went to the Grand Prix in Monaco one year and heard the entire race. That’s about it, though, as the cars were moving too fast and my view was obstructed by annoyances like “other people

Bullet DVR for serious racers

The Bullet DVR system is a portable video recorder designed for racing. It records all of your racing action from a first-person point of view and can be played back on a Windows PC. TrackTimer, a pro

Sirius Goes Redneck, Launches "Nascar Collector" Show

Hun dee durr thar partner! I was juss crackin’ open a can of Milwaukee’s Best and saw that yer a NASCAR fan yerself! Ya know that high-tech satellite radio crap? The one that’s a &#8

Gaming Seat 'Best Car Game Accessory Ever Made'

Racing fans in the UK should be pleased to hear that “the best car game accessory ever made” is now available for £239 ($477.05). The seat is made of “fully adjustable oval piping s

Gran Turismo: HD – One Of These Cars Isn't Real

Over at the VGChartz (with a Z!) forums, someone posted some fantastic screenshots of Grand Turismo: HD compared with real-life action shots from a race. Needless to say, guessing which photos are rea

When Mario Kart Meets Drunken Debauchery What do you get when you throw together racing, liquor, drugs, and a group of jackasses? The CrunchGear team! Or how about a live rendition of Ma
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