Rachio announces a new smart sprinkler controller, raises $10M

Rachio, the company that builds WiFi controllers for your garden sprinklers (think Nest Thermostat, but for watering your plants instead of heating your house), is back with a new one. They’ve a

Automate Your Sprinklers Intelligently With The Rachio Gen 2 Controller

The IoT market can seem a bit stale at times. As a consumer, it really is difficult to keep getting excited about my smartphone gaining the ability to control every physical switch on my toaster

Amazon Adds Music And Water Controls To Echo As Part Of Alexa Fund Roll-Out

Amazon has today announced that two new companies, Musaic and Rachio, are being added to the Amazon Echo platform with investments from the $100 million Alexa Fund. With the Amazon Echo, which is in m

How IoT Will Change Your Relationship With Insurance

Between TVs, refrigerators, ovens, light bulbs, cars, fitness trackers and jewelry, it seems like everything these days is connected to the Internet. It’s probably safe to say that you’re already