• Is "Google Me" Codenamed "Emerald City"? And Why Is Google Baraza Copying Quora?

    Follow the yellow brick road… It’s no secret that Google is working on a new social project that is thought to be a layer which will be spread over many of their properties. Actually, it is supposed to be a secret. But everyone knows about it. At first, it was known as “Google Me”, but that’s probably not what it’s going to end up being called when it rolls… Read More

  • Nearly Every Single Topic On Quora Now Has A Twitter Account

    Nearly Every Single Topic On Quora Now Has A Twitter Account

    Early last month, we noted that Quora was doing something rather interesting. They were using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to mass-create Twitter accounts. That may sound shady, but it really isn’t. They’re doing it as an alternative to RSS feeds. And Twitter is totally cool with it. Those feeds are now live and ready to roll. As Quora engineer Belinda Gu writes on (where… Read More

  • Kommons Launches Quora-Like Platform To Question Public Figures

    Leveraging on the success of Quora, niche Q&A sites are popping up everywhere. There’s a Quora for the enterprise, and even a Quora for the legal community. Even Facebook is throwing its hat in the ring with Facebook Questions. Today Kommons is launching as a Q&A site focused on eliciting answers from public figures on Twitter. The platform sits entirely on top of Twitter, so… Read More

  • Why Is Quora Mass Creating Twitter Accounts On Mechanical Turk?

    Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is, among other things, a great place to get cheap labor to perform simple tasks that help black hat SEO efforts and general social network spamming. The problem is growing so large that it’s becoming a serious pollution issue, and we’ve begun real research to try to track the big guys who are behind it. And we’re using new search engine… Read More

  • LawPivot Closes Angel Round For Quora-Like Startup Legal Advice

    One thing’s for sure, there’s probably going to be a Quora for every possible niche eventually. The Q&A site meets social network concept is just a great way to spur the creation of good quality content. A Quora for the enterprise, Opzi, did well at TechCrunch Disrupt: San Francisco this year, for example. And there are other examples as well. We’ll see more… Read More

  • Hottest Stealth Startups [Graphic]

    Rumors of “the death of stealth mode” have been greatly exaggerated. Ever since angel investor Chris Dixon tweeted, “New early-stage start up trend: get big quietly, so you don’t tip off potential competitors” back in March you can’t grab a coffee at The Creamery without hearing a “We’re in stealth mode” come out some neophyte… Read More

  • Why Is Quora Down?

    Beloved Q & A site Quora has been spotty all day and is now showing a “503 Service Unavailable” error message when we attempt to access the site. This is the first time I’ve experienced the site going down since it was launched in private beta by former Facebookers Adam D’ Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2010. Its absence has motivated us to use Facebook Questions to… Read More

  • How Much Does Netflix Spend On Postage Each Year?

    How Much Does Netflix Spend On Postage Each Year?

    If you ask that question on Yahoo Answers, you’ll probably get something about how a husband’s Xbox was once used for Netflix, but now it doesn’t work. If you ask that question on WolframAlpha, you’ll get get some abstract data about money spent on various things each year. If you ask that question on Bing, you’ll get a bunch of old content. Both Ask.com and… Read More

  • If Yahoo Goes Private And Bartz Is Fired, Quora Wins

    My love affair with Quora continues. I simply can’t think of another site where so much useful information is being organized so rapidly in one place. You’ve got experts fielding anonymous questions. You’ve got high-profile people answering questions about themselves or their companies. And you’ve got juicy speculation. At TechCrunch, part of what we do is gather… Read More

  • Being "First" Versus Being "Best"

    Being "First" Versus Being "Best"

    Like many people today, I read Jose Antonio Vargas’ 6,000-word profile of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The New Yorker. Unlike some, I found it neither boring nor damaging, but rather, thought-provoking. But actually, the thing that stuck out the most to me about the piece (beyond The West Wing stuff, which I still find humorous/interesting) wasn’t about Zuckerberg at all. Read More

  • Q: Is Facebook Questions Back? A: Yes (Well, For 0.02% Of You)

    A few days ago, we noted that Facebook Questions, one of the service’s latest products, had mysteriously vanished. Naturally, this led to questions on rival service Quora about whether or not the service had been killed. Considering that the product wasn’t yet a month old, that seemed silly. Sure enough, it was silly. Facebook Questions has risen from the “dead”… Read More

  • Cee-Lo's "F*ck You" Ain't Got Nothing On Gaga's "Telephone"

    As seen by the entire Internet, the August 19th premiere of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” will go down in history as the day the phrase “fuck you” became totally benign and commonplace. But, in another case of loud web hipster chatter not resulting in a proportionate amount of viewers, “Fuck You” did not get to 1/2 million or 1 million mark faster than… Read More

  • Swingly's Answer Engine Comes Out Of Stealth Swinging And Killing Zombies

    An insane number of searches on the web involve people asking questions. Sometimes they’re good questions, sometimes they’re stupid questions, sometimes they’re insane questions. Just start typing something into Google beginning with the words “How” or “Why” for proof of this — the auto-suggest speaks for itself. Sadly, Google isn’t great… Read More

  • Former Facebook CTO: 'Google Me' Is Real, And It's Gunning For Facebook

    Yesterday, Digg CEO Kevin Rose tweeted that he’d heard a “huge rumor” that Google was planning to launch a Facebook competitor called “Google Me”, sparking off a wave of speculative reports (Rose has since removed the tweet). Now Adam D’Angelo, who was Facebook’s CTO for years and is now founder of hot Q&A service Quora, is weighing in with… Read More

  • Quora's Highly Praised Q&A Service Launches To The Public (And The Real Test Begins)

    Quora's Highly Praised Q&A Service Launches To The Public (And The Real Test Begins)

    Quora, a Q&A service founded by early Facebook employees that has generated quite a bit of buzz, has launched to the public. The service first made its debut on January 4, 2010, but was previously restricted to users who had been invited (or had requested an invite from the site). The news was announced this evening in an article in the Wall Street Journal. Quora was attracting plenty… Read More

  • Are Questions The "Future Of Facebook"?

    About a week ago, word started getting out that Facebook is beta testing a new “killer app” called Facebook Questions. For beta testers, the Questions feature appears in the left-hand column just below Events and Photos. It lets you ask and answer questions to and from your extended circle of friends. A few days ago, Facebook opened up the private beta further and is now… Read More

  • An Inside Look At Facebook Questions, The Next "Killer App" Of Facebook

    An Inside Look At Facebook Questions, The Next "Killer App" Of Facebook

    When word first got out that Facebook was working on a question & answer service, the immediate reaction was that it would a “Quora killer.” That’s an obvious and sexy statement to make since Quora was built by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo and engineer/manager Charlie Cheever. And it’s even more sexy since Benchmark invested in the service at a $86… Read More

  • Its Social Product Graph Growing, GDGT Ups The Focus On CMMNTS

    The core of gdgt, the gadget database site started last summer by former Engadget leaders Peter Rojas and Ryan Block, is its community. And online, perhaps the most important aspect of community is discussion. A new update to the service puts the focus squarely on just that. Previously, on the homepage, you would see a list of the most discussed products and companies, general discussions… Read More

  • Quora Has The Magic: Benchmark Invests at $86 Million Valuation

    Quora Has The Magic: Benchmark Invests at $86 Million Valuation

    Quora, a new startup founded by ex-Facebook employees, has closed a first round of funding, and it’s a big one. Benchmark Capital has led the round and general partner Matt Cohler has taken a board seat at the company (Cohler is a former Facebook exec). Both Quora and Benchmark have confirmed the funding, but they won’t comment on the size of the round or the valuation. Our source… Read More

  • Buy And Sell Proprietary Knowledge Through GenApple

    People are continually looking for new pieces of information. We go to school, read articles on a variety of subjects, have free websites such as Wikipedia, and use search answer engines such as Aardvark and Quora for the sole purpose of quenching our never-ending thirst for knowledge. But how do you find and access wanted information which people are unwilling to divulge, at least for… Read More

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