After QuizUp and Trivia Royale, Thor Fridriksson’s next act is a mobile MMO

QuizUp founder Thor Fridriksson is at it again. The Icelandic serial entrepreneur is two-for-two in creating viral mobile games, but has thus far struck out in turning those into viable businesses. To

How Thor Fridriksson’s ‘Trivia Royale’ earned 2.5M downloads in 3 weeks

In its first few weeks of release, the latest game from QuizUp founder Thor Fridriksson took the top spot in the Games Section of Apple’s App Store and was the top app (for a brief time) in the

The future (and past) of mobile gaming

"No one knows the formula for virality. It’s not possible. If someone knew it, they’d do it again and again. There’s an element of luck and creativity and some spark."

QuizUp founder launches Teatime, a mobile gaming platform with built-in video chat

At the end of 2016, Plain Vanilla founder Thor Fridriksson left the company he founded with the intent to take at least a year off of work. His product QuizUp, a social trivia game that raised more th

Glu Mobile acquires QuizUp in deal valued at $7.5 million

The developers of popular celeb-themed games including Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Nicki Minaj: The Empire, Glu Mobile, acquired Plain Vanilla Corp., and its mobile social trivia game QuizUp this

Glu Mobile To Invest Up To $7.5 Million In QuizUp, With Option To Acquire

QuizUp, the Icelandic company that put trivia in an app, has announced that it is receiving up to $7.5 million in funding from Glu Mobile, with an option to call to acquire. This comes in the wake of

QuizUp Looks To Gamify Corporate Learning With QuizUp At Work

Work isn’t all about fun and games, but QuizUp is trying as hard as it can to change that. The popular and frustratingly addictive trivia game is announcing a new initiative today to change corp

QuizUp Launches On Windows Mobile Phones

QuizUp, the trivia app with over 33 million users worldwide, announced today that it’s releasing an app for Windows phones. First released as an iOS app, QuizUp quickly became a runaway hit wi

QuizUp Just Turned Into A Social Network

QuizUp is now a social network, by every stretch of the imagination. Following a massive update today, the trivia game that trail-blazed through the App Store in 2013, is now introducing true social f

Trivia App QuizUp Passes 20 Million Users, Is Now Available In Five Different Languages

Trivia app QuizUp is making good on its global expansion plans, adding new languages and geo-specific content to go along with it. That effort comes as the company passed 20 million users, with most o

Trivia App QuizUp Gains 1 Million New Signups After A Week On Android

Sometimes lightning does strike twice. Mobile trivia app <a target="_blank" href="http://www.quizup.com">QuizUp</a> gained a million new signups after just its first week on Android. With 100,000 new

After Reaching 10 Million Users On The iPhone, QuizUp Launches A Big And Beautiful iPad App

Plain Vanilla Games, the maker of QuizUp, has launched a new version of its app today that is optimized for the iPad. By doing so, they've been able to make the game easier to navigate and more fun to

Plain Vanilla Games, Maker Of Ultra-Hot Trivia App QuizUp, Raises Another $22 Million From Sequoia

Plain Vanilla Games, the company behind ultra-hot trivia app QuizUp, has raised a $22 million Series B Round of financing. The financing was led by Sequoia Capital, with participating from all existin

QuizUp Sends Personal User Info To Strangers, Company Says Bug Contributed To Weakened Security

It's only been two-and-a-half weeks since hit mobile trivia app <a target="_blank" href="http://www.quizup.com">QuizUp</a> began to <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/11/20/quizup/">take the world b

How Plain Vanilla Games, Maker Of Hit App QuizUp, Took Two Years To Create An Overnight Success

Stop me if you've heard this story before: A mobile game studio toils in obscurity for several years creating apps that no one seems to care about, and then one day it introduces its new project to th