• Online Football Game 'Quick Hit' Relaunches With Official NFL License

    TechCrunch-reading football fans may remember a nifty, free online game we wrote about last year called Quick Hit that puts you at the helm of a virtual football team. The game doesn’t involve the twitchy gameplay of gaming goliath Madden, but is instead built around strategy and play calling (though it does feature rich, 3D graphics to keep things interesting). You may also notice that… Read More

  • Quick Hit Signs NFL Star, Raises $8 Million For Rich Flash-Based Football Game

    Play Hard Sports has spent the last 9 months developing a rich new Flash-based football game that puts generic Flash games to shame, featuring detailed graphics, intricate gameplay, and persistent stats. Today the company announced that it has signed Bill Cowher, a famed NFL coach best known for coaching the Steelers to a Super Bowl win, to provide color commentary for the game. To mark… Read More