• Ask Pinterest Anything? Site Tests Q&A Feature

    Ask Pinterest Anything? Site Tests Q&A Feature

    Jelly, Quora, Yahoo (sometimes to absurd ends), and others have looked to question-and-answer services as a way to boost user engagement and advance conversations. Now another player could be entering the fray: Pinterest has confirmed to us it is testing out a new Q&A feature, too. “We’re always gathering feedback from Pinners to make Pins more useful,” a… Read More

  • Questions Is A Video Q&A App That Wants You To Have Curious Micro-Conversations With Anyone

    Questions Is A Video Q&A App That Wants You To Have Curious Micro-Conversations With Anyone

    Questions — Ask And Answer is an iOS app, from the founder of Nyoombl, that’s using video to animate and humanise the Q&A format. Just don’t call it a Q&A app… Read More

  • You Asked It! Turns Twitter Into Chatroulette, But Without The Nudity

    You Asked It! Turns Twitter Into Chatroulette, But Without The Nudity

    I use Twitter a lot, as I’ve been reminded in the past by folks like my boss at TechCrunch. It’s cool though, it’s kind of my job to keep up with the latest trends and what-have-you. Twitter is a great place for that. I don’t watch everything that happens in my stream, but certain things pop out at me, such as when someone asks a question. A cool site called… Read More

  • Weekend Poll: Do you use tech support as a way to escape?

    You’re at the in-laws or a sig. other’s friend’s house. Someone mentions that their computer is broken. You’re tired of the conversation. Do you bail and reinstall Vista for them? Read More

  • How are we doing?

    We’ve been doing this for a little over two years now and I’d like to see what you guys think of the site as it stands today. Feel free to excoriate or laud us in comments or email me directly at john at What can we do differently? What needs to change? What should we add? Read More

  • BFF call for help: Cool Blackberry apps?

    Ryan writes: I’ve posted a lot of comments regarding my fanboydom towards the blackberry. Other than the large amount of MAPI calls made to an exchange server I see nothing wrong with a blackberry on a BES for any business user, technical or non technical. That being said I’m once again carrying a crackberry after two years with a Q, I’m very excited about it and am totes… Read More

  • Burning question: Can you still launch Estes rockets?

    It’s Friday and my mind is wandering. I’m wondering if you can shoot Estes rockets in cities anymore. You know the kind I mean — the ones with the cool igniters and the parachutes? Have any of you gotten any heat firing them in fields and, more importantly, where could you launch them in Brooklyn? Product Page Read More

  • iPhone: 20 Questions

    I wrote an article via my 9rules account, on the 9rules site, posing a few opinions and questions about the upcoming Apple iPhone. A few of the questions are, “When your device is ‘dead’ after using the amazing 45 minutes of talk time that is possess, will your iPod still work?” and, “If I don’t pay for a contract, would it still work as an iPod although I… Read More

  • How's Our Driving?

    It’s been almost a year since CrunchGear opened floodgates of snark and treachery onto the masses and thus far we’ve been called fanboys, shills, and morons. We can take it. However, we want to know what you really think. Give us a few pithy comments or send an email to john at crunchgear dot com if you have something private to say. What are we missing? What are you looking for? Read More

  • From the Peanut Gallery: I Need A Laptop

    The more I write about gadgets and electronics, the more I realize how frequently my opinions can be wrong. Often times I base my ideas on sound analysis and statistics and I still end up wrong. That’s why I’m going to ask you all for help on something. I’m currently in the market for a laptop. Discouraged by my past two lackluster Powerbooks, I’ve decided to stop… Read More

  • Question About Lenses

    Alright, I’ve been scouring the Internet for the past few hours looking for the best lenses for a Canon EOS-30D. My searches are coming up mixed, so I figured I’d see what you all have to say on the subject. Basically I’m looking for a lens with extreme versatility and, if I must, a separate lens that can shoot in low light environments. As many of you know flashes ruin… Read More