• Good Night, Sweet Que

    “We recognize the market has dramatically changed, and with the product delays we have experienced, it no longer make sense for us to move forward with our first generation electronic reading product. This was a hard decision, but is the best one for our company, our investors and our customers.” Aw. I held it these very hands and proclaimed it sexy. But it was not to be. Better… Read More

  • Plastic Logic Que to ship around June 24th

    It’s sexy and expensive, like a solid gold lady, but the Que is struggling with the usual first-run production woes. At least we have a shipping date now: June 24th. It’s my favorite of the “vanilla” e-readers, but I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ll ever hold one? Read More

  • Plastic Logic pushes the Que E-Reader launch back to mid-summer

    Bad news and good news. You can probably guess the bad news if you read the headline. Plastic Logic has officially delayed the Que. You may recall that the Que was the one e-reader at CES 2010 that stood above the crowd thanks to its very thin casing and large screen. It was supposed to ship mid-April, but the company can’t meet that deadline. The new shipping timetable is mid-summer. Read More

  • Hands-on with the Plastic Logic Que

    And we have another ebook reader! This time around it’s the Que from Plastic Logic. Just because it’s not the Kindle or Nook, don’t write it off. This device, and the software it runs, might be special enough to make a mark in the ebook reader scene. Read More

  • Plastic Logic's Que e-reader: One for the businesspeople in the audience (apparently)

    Another day, another e-reader. Toady’s is the Plastic Logic Que, which is pronounced like the letter that falls between P and R. I, however, will henceforth pronounce it like the Portuguese word for “what,” and the European Portuguese pronunciation at that. (Sorta sounds like “quh.” It’s a movement!) Plastic Logic seems to be aiming it at the business… Read More