Quattro Wireless

  • As Mobile Advertising Heats Up, Millennial Media Prepares For An IPO In 2011

    As Mobile Advertising Heats Up, Millennial Media Prepares For An IPO In 2011

    Mobile advertising is currently a billion dollar market and we’ve witnessed tech giants like Google and Apple move into the space with the acquisitions of mobile ad networks AdMob and Quattro Wireless, respectively. AdMob is now part of Google’s mobile advertising business and Apple is using Quattro to power its new ad format, iAds. But there is another player that has silently… Read More

  • Scoop: Apple Is Pushing A Secret "VIP" Ad Program For iPhone Apps

    For anyone still wondering whether Apple plans to give its new iAds a competitive advantage over other mobile ad networks on the iPhone and iPad, just take a look at the slide above. It was attached to an email sent to an app developer from a Quattro Wireless sales rep which I obtained (Quattro is Apple’s recently purchased mobile ad network). The email starts off: We’re excited… Read More

  • The iPad Will Make Apple's Acquisition Of Quattro Wireless Look Even Smarter

    Suddenly, Apple’s $275 million acquisition of mobile ad company Quattro Wireless makes even more sense than it already did when the deal was announced earlier this year. Early adopters who will be among the first to unbox and fire up an Apple iPad in a couple of months, will have nearly 140,000 applications readily available from the App Store right out the gate. That’s the… Read More

  • With Nexus One And Quattro, The Knives Are Out Between Apple And Google

    Two days ago, the knives came out in full view between Apple and Google. On the same day that Google launched its latest Nexus One Android phone, Apple announced the $275 million acquisition of Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising platform. It was as if Steve Jobs was sending Eric Schmidt a very public message: You mess with my business, and I’ll mess with yours. With the Nexus… Read More