Uzabase sells Quartz to the site’s CEO and staff

Quartz is going private, with co-founder and CEO Zach Seward buying the business news site from its current owner Uzabase. In his post announcing the deal, Seward described the move as a management bu

New media company Quartz sold to Japanese firm in deal worth up to $110M

Quartz, the business and tech news organization owned by Atlantic Media, is moving to a new home after publicly listed Japanese business Uzabase acquired it in a deal worth up to $110 million. The de

Quartz’s Fun News App Is Quite Unlike Any News App You’ve Seen Before

If you're tired of news apps that all look the same, you'll want to take a look at the iPhone app that Quartz just put out.

Kisai Denshoku: Shinjuku hot nights

The Kisai Denshoku is an homage to the lights and skyline of Shinjuku but personally I think this watch by Tokyoflash looks more like a little hibachi waiting for some shrimp and a nice flank of Kobe

Japanese watch lets you transmit messages in Morse code

Osaka-based Eikowatch [JP] is selling a watch with a small built-in flashlight enabling users to transmit messages in Morse code. The “Sector Compass Torch” quartz watch is unfortunately J