quantified health

Blooming measures your heart and brain to reduce stress at work

Finnish startup Blooming is aiming to help bouncing-off-the-walls-stressed office workers regain control of their lives by using wearable tech. The service includes monitoring and tracking stress leve

UK Government Taps Startups To Help Get More Brits Fit And Healthy

The UK government is putting out a call for early stage startups with a focus on healthy eating, fitness and physical and mental well-being to enter a public health-focused competition that promises t

Quantified Health Startup Exogen Bio Wants People To “Track & Hack” Their DNA Health

The quantified health movement is really just getting going, with basic stuff like fitness tracker bands. The potential for helping curious people measure, track, analyse and diagnose aspects of their

Fitwall Is A Gym That Knows If You’re Working Out Too Hard, Or Not Hard Enough

Many earnest novice gym-goers have a commitment that won’t outlast a green banana. One problem is that newbies exert themselves too much and drop their membership before their overly worked musc

Obvious-Incubated Lift Lands $2.5M From Spark Capital, SV Angel To Help You Build Good Habits

After <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2011/08/24/twitter-founders-put-their-weight-behind-a-new-startup-lift/">nearly a year</a> in development, <a target="_blank" href="http://lift.do/">Lift</a>