How to estimate a company’s health without really trying

Within the past few months, NetSuite, Marketo, LinkedIn, FleetMatics and LogMeIn have each been acquired or merged for a combined value of more than $50 billion. At this rate, public SaaS companies ma

What if cybersecurity followed physics?

The first cybersecurity unicorn kernel popped in late 2013 with the announcement of CloudFlare’s $50 million Series C investment. Today, 10 privately held companies hold membership in the ultra-excl

Qualys Beats In Q3, But Light Guidance Drags Its Shares South 10%

Ahead of FireEye's Wednesday report, Qualys reported its third quarter performance today, including revenue of $42.5 million, and earnings per share of $0.11 using normal accounting techniques. Employ

Cloud Security Firm Qualys’ IPO Opens At $12/Share, Raising $71.8M

As of today, one more enterprise cloud startup is now a publicly-listed company. Qualys -- trading as QLYS -- opened trading today on the NASDAQ with shares priced at $12, in the mid-range of the expe